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The episode starts with Jaideep trying to portray Kavya as mentally unstable for the IAS academy. Kavya tries to break into the press conference but the Guards don’t allow her. Adi comes there and takes Kavya with him. Reporter Raghav asks how can Kavya be unstable when she wins in the rounds. Jaideep looks confused. Kavya sees it on the news and asks Adi if it’s his plan. Adi asks her to see it. It was shown Adi called the reporter and passed the information to him.

Jaideep is about to end the meeting. Malini says she has a question. Media people pass the mike to her. Malini introduces herself as an EX-IAS officer. She reminds the past to Jaideep and asks him to guide Kavya. She tells him that it’s his responsibility to train Kavya. She says her husband wants Kavya to be part of the Bhashandkhed project. Giriraj gets cornered and agrees with Malini. Jaideep promises Malini that no one will get the injustice in the academy. He joins Kavya’s name in the Bhashandkhed project. Kavya feels elated and hugs Adi.

Giriraj leaves from the conference in anger. He sees Adi on the way. He tells Adi that he outsmarted him. Adi mocks that he learned from him. Giriraj comments that half-knowledge is always dangerous. He wishes Kavya all the best for her Bhasandkhed project. He leaves. Adi thanks his mom for turning the situation in Kavya’s favour. Malini thanks Adi for encouraging her. She tells him she again got the same courage as in the past because of him. Kavya smiles. Malini tells Kavya that Adi is good at heart. Kavya asks Malini if she can call her for guidance. Malini agrees.

Rajeev tells Jaideep that truth will always win in the end. Jaideep says it’s not actually a victory. He reminds them that they are sending their daughter to the place where they lost their first daughter. He says struggles will go on, so be ready. Kavya says I’m ready to go to Bhasandkhed. She rebukes him. Jaideep wishes her all the best and leaves.

Anuja, Karan, and Sanjeev congratulate Kavya. They decide to party at night. Giriraj asks Malini why she looks so happy. Malini tells him that Kavya made her remember the past. Giriraj reminds her that it’s her choice to leave IAS. Malini comments on it. Giriraj cautions her about Adi’s safety.

Anjali worries about Kavya’s safety. Rajeev asks Anjali to not stop Kavya. Kavya assures her that nothing will happen to her in Bhasandkhed. She says she will make her sister get justice. She hugs her mother and says I will fight and win.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sanjeev admits to Kavya that he leaked the video, not Adi. Kavya goes back and sits with Adi. Shubh calls Kavya.

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