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The episode starts with Adi thinking if there are no teachers to teach how will the schools run. Kavya says within a month there is teacher’s exam and says after that they will get good teachers. Adit and Kavya later encourage that if they do their work well then no one can stop them. Adit gets a call. Kavya sees Shubh has come here. Shubh comes and greets Adi. Adi asks Shubh what is he doing here. Shubh asks Kavya if she hasn’t told her husband that her ex- fiance is working as trainee under her. Adi says Kavya told her but he might have forgotten as he is not that important. Adi comments on Shubh and says to Shubh that he will never want to be a person like him. Adi also says he can never come in between them. Adi takes Kavya and leaves from there.

Kavya says she hid the truth from him so that his mood will not be off. Adi comnents on it. Kavya gets upset with Adi and comments on him. Adi asks Kavya to forget about this matter. Kavya agrees. Kavya thinks she doesn’t know how she can tell Adi that she doesn’t want this child. Adi also thinks he doesn’t know how to tell Kavya that he doesn’t want this child.

Giriraj sees Mishra has given a lot of funds to the party to get MP ticket. Giriraj asks his advisor to give him an idea on how he can earn money and give it to party so that he can get the MP ticket. The advisor gives an idea to Giriraj asking him to use this school issue to his benefit. Giriraj agrees.

Malini and Anjali talk to each other and they tell each other that they have to convince Adi and Kavya to keep the baby.

Adi gives his report in the MLA meeting. Giriraj reveals to CM about STEE exam happening next month. Adi says they should not wait for the exam and instead give hand off jobs to the teacher and says if they do that then they can reopen schools within 2 weeks. CM agrees.

Kavya says to Ripu Dhawan that they should make STEE exam more strict. Ripu Dhawan gets a call from Chief minister asking him to cancel STEE exam. Ripu Dhawan scolds Kavya for passing the information about STEE exams to her husband. Ripu Dhawan says tomorrow is a meeting and she needs to go and solve this problem that she created.

Kavya recalls passing the information to Adi. Shubh comforts Kavya and says Adi has become a politician and she shouldn’t have trusted him.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Adi and Kavya gave word to each other that they will not allow work to come in between them but will they able to do it.

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