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The episode starts with Rajiv telling Kavya not to lose courage after seeing Bhasandakhed. Kavya says she will stay strong. Anjali takes the phone and tells Kavya about matches for her. Kavya tells her that she is not ready to get married to a foreign job holder. She says she wants to marry a supportive person. She tells Rajeev that the mission is accomplished. She disconnects the call. Rajeev scolds Anjali for troubling Kavya

Kavya and her batchmates reach Bhasandkhed. Villagers ask who they are and act hostile towards them. Police stop villagers. Kavya and her batchmates go to the room. Karan questions the Manager about the villagers’ behaviour. The manager says villagers won’t trust government officials after the hospital scandal. He tries to scare them. Kavya asks them to stop scaring them. The manager tells them that they all need to stay in one hall. Karan questions about it. Jaideep comes there and tells them that the arrangement is for their safety.

Jaideep divides Kavya and her batchmates into 4 teams. He gives the hospital project to Kavya. He tells her that that she needs to make hospital to get restarted in Bhasandkhed. Kavya thanks him. Adi tells Jaideep that he will be on Kavya’s team. The manager calls Giriraj’s elder son and informs him that Adi is in a hospital project. Giriraj’s elder son informs Giriraj that their plan is working. Giriraj says tell Adi that I want Bhasandkhed Hospital to reopen. Omi says I know Adi will do the opposite of your wish so you’re using his weakness. Giriraj asks Omi to go to Bhasandkhed. Giriraj leaves for Bhashandkhed.

Jaideep advises Kavya to not reveal to villagers that she is Navya’s sister as the Villager feels that her sister is the culprit so it’s dangerous for her. He cautions her and gives her motivation. Kavya takes his blessings.

Kavya asks Adi to check the hospital file. Adi tells her that he needs to use the washroom first. He leaves. Later Adi gets to know Kavya goes out. Omi meets Adi. Adi feels surprised and asks how he came here. Omi tells Adi that their dad wants to restart the hospital in the Bhasandkhed. Kavya comes to the hospital. Guard questions who is she. Kavya hides her surname and tells him that she is Kavya. The guard understood that Kavya is related to the officers team and allows her inside. Kavya recalls what happened with Navya in that hospital.

Adi asks Omi why Nethaji is interested in a hospital project. Omi lies about it. Adi goes to get tea to Omi. Omi takes photos of the file and asks his men to not let any material enter in the village to restart Hospital. Omi thinks he won’t let hospital reopen. He smiles and sees Adi is there who overheard his plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya meets the villager head to talk to them about restarting hospital services in their place. Villagers get to know she is Navya’s sister and start to attack her. Adi comes to her rescue.

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Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 19th October 2023 Written Update: Kavya and her batchmates leave for Bhasandkhed