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The episode starts with Kavya saying to Adi that because of him her career would have been stained again. Kavya asks Adi who gave him the idea to make her false medical reports. Adi says to Kavya that he only took this decision thinking about their baby. Kavya asks Adi to stop trying to control her life using the baby as an excuse. Adi comments on Kavya. The servant sees water has fallen outside Kavya and Adi’s room and he wipes it and he also wipes the line drawn by Kavya. Kavya recalls how she and Adi took a decision that outside the line they are SDM and MLA and inside this room they are husband and wife. Kavya says to Adi that they should not fight like this and comments on it. Adi asks Kavya to leave as she has already decided to do it.

Kavya packs her bags. Kavya sees Adi isn’t coming to say good bye so she acts as if she is saying to the servants that she is leaving and instead saying to Adi that she is leaving but Adi doesn’t come to see her off. Adi after a while comes to see Kavya off but before that Kavya leaves in her car.

Adi chases Kavya in his car and comes to meet Kavya. Kavya comes out of her day dream and sees that Adi hasn’t come to meet her. Kavya asks the driver to leave from here.

Malini asks Adi why hasn’t he come to see Kavya off. Adi says he left to see her off but before that she left in her car. Malini comments on it. Malini says to Adi that the thread of relationship is really sensitive and says once it breaks it will not be easy to attach it again. Adi says they are not seperated and says Kavya just left to village and says she will come back to him. Malini comments on it.

Kavya comes out of the car as she feels motion sickness by sitting in the car. Kavya sees the medicine is thrown in the trash that is supplied by the government to poor people. Kavya says to Rajiv about it. Rajiv says to Kavya that she can investigate after taking office and comments on it. Mathur Saksena comes to Kavya and greets her. Mathur Saksena welcomes Kavya to Babuwa village. Kavya later leaves to the office.

Shubh seeing the message in his phone throws the phone away in anger. Anubha comes to Shubh saying they have to go shopping. Anubha picks up Shubh’s phone and sees that his transfer request to Babuwa village has been rejected. Anubha questions Shubh about it. Shubh says to Anubha that Kavya has gone to Babuwa village and he has to go to Babuwa village as he is a trainee under Kavya and there is no other reason than that and asks Anubha not to worry about it. Anubha makes up a reason and leaves from there.

Mathur Saksena gifts a foot massager to Kavya. Kavya tries it and says she doesn’t like it. Kavya learns some people have come to meet her. Kavya goes to meet them but she suddenly has stomach pain so she leaves from there to medical hospital.

Rajiv asks the passer by to know where is Goverment hospital.

Kavya’s Dupatta flies from her old desk in Lucknow office. Adi and Shubh catch it together. Shubh says to Adi that he will not be able to get anything besides this. Adi comments on it.

Kavya feels pain in her stomach and she calls Adi. Adi asks Kavya what happened.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Adi asks Kavya if she still wants to stay here after what happened. Kavya says yes. Adi takes a step to protect Kavya and the baby but Kavya comments on Adi. 

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Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 20th June 2024 Written Update: Kavya learns about Adi’s deeds