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The episode starts with Anjali saying to Kavya that she should not work so late in this state. Kavya says it still hasn’t been confirmed. Anjali says it has been confirmed. Anjali shows the report to Kavya. Kavya recalls about Ripu Dhawan’s words and gets into a dilemma.

Giriraj and Viplav talk about how much to earn from each teacher job. Giriraj decides to take Rs 10 lakhs for a job.

Malini asks Adi to talk to Kavya for once. Adi says he will talk to her later and he asks Malini to make lemon juice for her.

Anjali asks Kavya if she is going to tell about this to Adi. Kavya asks Anjali to leave and says she will talk to Adi when the time is right. Anjali says to Kavya that Adi has the right to know as he is her son’s father. Kavya says to Anjali that she doesn’t know if she wants this child or not. Anjali says it’s a great thing to be a mother. Kavya comments on it. Anjali asks Kavya to talk to Adi for once.

Malini talks to Adi. Malini asks Adi to talk to Kavya about the pregnancy. Adi says he doesn’t know if he is capable of taking the responsibility of a father. Malini comments on it and asks Adi to talk to Kavya.

Kavya sees the line drawn. Kavya says to Adi that she would like to talk to him about something. Kavya asks Adi if he told about the STEE exam in the MLA meeting. Adi says he told Giriraj and says Giriraj told everyone in the MLA meeting. Kavya lashes out at Adi for telling about that information to Giriraj and comments on it.

Adi and Kavya later go into their room. Malini and Anjali peek from afar hoping they will talk about the baby but neither Adi nor Kavya speak about it. Malini and Anjali feel disappointed seeing it.

At the dining table, Giriraj asks Malini what is she signaling to Adi. Malini makes up a reason for it. Giriraj says he knows she wants another grand child in this house. Giriraj says her wish will come true once Alka marries Sanjiv. Malini cries to herself thinking that Alka will leave with Omi. Giriraj comforts Malini and he asks Adi to make a promise that he will try to get a grand child for Malini. Adi doesn’t agree and comments on it.

The next day, in the MLA meeting. Ripu Dhawan and Kavya come to the meeting. The CM talks about cancelling the STEE exam and giving teacher jobs to people hand off so that it can be quickly done. The CM asks if everyone agrees with this proposal. Kavya doesn’t agree to the proposal.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Adi and Kavya gave word to each other that they will not allow work to come in between them but will they able to do it.

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