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The episode starts with Adi announcing Anurag and Alka’s wedding at the party. Kavya and Sanjeev get shocked with this announcement. Giriraj says to Alka that he is happy with her decision as his grandson stays in his house. Alka looks shocked. Kavya takes Adi to the room and tells him that he misunderstood everything and tells him that Alka likes Sanjeev not Anurag. Adi says he will find it out now.

Adi comes to Alka and asks her to tell whom she likes Sanjeev or Anurag. Giriraj asks what’s happening. Kavya says Alka likes Sanjeev not Anurag. Badi Amma comments on Alka. Giriraj comments on Sanjeev. Kavya asks Alka to tell the truth. Badi Amma says Alka is a widow and says the family will decide what’s best for Alka. Kavya says it is against the law to do marriage without Alka’s consent. Giriraj comments on it. Adi presses Alka to answer them if she loves Sanjeev. Alka says no. Kavya asks Alka to tell the truth. Giriraj blames Sanjeev for this nuisance. Adi asks Sanjeev to leave from here.

Anurag slaps Sanjeev and scolds him. Adi asks Sanjeev to leave. Sanjeev leaves from there. Adi says the party is over and asks everyone to leave.

Adi sees Naina has sprained her ankle. Adi offers to drop Naina at her home.

Alka apologises to Kavya and says she doesn’t have the guts to tell the truth as everyone is angry at her. Kavya says to Alka that she was with her. Alka says she doesn’t have the courage to go against everyone. Kavya says she doesn’t believe it. Kavya says to Alka that it is better to be alone than to marry a wrong person. Kavya asks Alka to think about it.

Kavya asks Santu if Adi has returned home. Santu says he hasn’t returned home.

The next day, Kavya gets a call from hotel crescent and says Adi is not opening the door. The hotel manager asks Kavya to come here. Kavya agrees.

Badi Amma says to Anurag that she gave this drug to him and Naina acted in such a way that Adi took Naina from the party. Anurag says he never knew Naina works for her. Badi Amma says now Adi and Giriraj’s reputation will go down the drain.

Kavya comes to the hotel. Kavya finds Adi with his clothes off unconscious and Naina’s clothes near Adi. Kavya sprinkles water over Adi. Adi wakes up. Kavya asks Adi what happened. Adi asks Kavya what is he doing here.

Kavya takes Adi away from the hotel. Adi asks Kavya if she did this. Kavya says she found him in the hotel with his clothes off and reminds him that he left the house with a girl. Adi tries to recall what happened yesterday but he doesn’t recall anything.

Kavya brings Adi home. The police say to Adi that he is under arrest for raping Naina.

Episode ends.

Precap:-the reporters question Kavya who will she support Adi or the innocent woman. Kavya says she will stand with the truth.

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