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The episode starts with Adi commenting on Kavya as she is always commenting on Giriraj. Kavya says to Adi that until now the teachers who have appointed without checking their ability have no ability. Adi asks Kavya if she thinks he is going to give jobs without checking ability. Adi asks Kavya if she also thinks he is a loser just like her father. Kavya says to Adi that she would never think like that and he knows it. Adi comments on it. Kavya asks Adi if they will argue for such a small thing how will they raise the baby. Kavya sees Adi knows about the baby. Malini and Anjali later reveal to Pradhan family and Rajiv that Kavya is pregnant.

Malini says today is going to be a double celebration as today is Alka’s pre engagement ceremony and Adi and Kavya are going to be parents.

Adi and Kavya think if they will be able to become good parents for the baby. Kavya thinks everyone is happy with the baby but she doesn’t know how to tell that she doesn’t want this baby.

Giriraj takes Kavya to aside and gifts her bangles. Rajiv takes Adi to a side and says to Adi that he finally fulfilled his wish of stopping Kavya. Rajiv satirically says to Adi that he and his dad made a good plan of stopping Kavya from doing her work. Adi asks Rajiv why would he think that Adi will do this. Rajiv says because Adi is jealous of Kavya.

Rajiv asks Kavya to take a long leave and take care of herself for the baby. Malini asks Giriraj what is he doing. Malini says now he will ask Kavya to take leave later he will ask Kavya to stop going to work just like her. Giriraj reminds Malini that she lost their child due to her negligence. Malini says it was an accident. Malini says she will take care after the baby is born. Giriraj comments on it. Kavya leaves from there.

Anjali asks Rajiv what is he doing and reminds Rajiv that Adi is the one who left his IAS job for Kavya. Rajiv comments on Adi. Adi leaves from there.

Adi recalls about the words told to him by Rajiv. Kavya recalls about the words told to her by Giriraj so both of them decide to abort the baby.

Anjali asks Rajiv why would he speak like that with Adi. Rajiv says she will not understand as she is just a home maker. Anjali gets upset with Rajiv’s words so she takes up Giriraj’s offer to be a teacher.

Anjali comes to Giriraj and signs on the papers. Giriraj thinks he will get money and Anjali will become the scape goat.

Adi and Kavya come to the hospital to abort the baby but Adi hesitates to sign on the declaration form. The nurse asks Adi what is his relationship with Kavya. Adi says he is a loser who leaves everything in the middle. Adi talks to the baby in Kavya’s belly. Adi apologises to the baby that he will not be a good father to him. Kavya say she will also not be a good mother to the baby and apologises to the baby. Adi says to Kavya that she will not a failure.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya in the MLA Meeting says that the data sent by Adi to DM office there are fake bio data’s in it. Giriraj asks Kavya if she is accusing Adi.

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