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The episode starts with Omi understands that Adi didn’t learn his plan. He diverts Adi. Kavya gets emotional seeing the hospital. She recalls how Navya committed the suicide. She cries holding the doctor’s coat. A Watchman comes there and tells Kavya that Dr. Navya injected duplicate injections to their kids and killed them. He says Navya won’t get peace in hell in too and he curses her soul.

Adi tells Omi that he talks like Nethaji sometimes. Omi says he wants to prove his ability to their father. Adi consoles him.

Anjali scolds Mayank for not cleaning the house. Malini calls Anjali. She asks Anjali to come to her house to have tea. Anjali agrees. Malini tells Anjali that she will send a car to her. Anjali agrees. Anjali decides to be ready like an IAS mother.

Ahuja, Payal happily plays with each other. Kavya returns to the room. Payal and Kavya to chill out for sometime. Ahuja sees the slips and gets shocked to see the work Kavya did in one way. While teasing each other, Kavya talks Adi. Adi flirts with her. Kavya asks if he finished the work. Adi shows her the work he did. Manager comes there and asks Kavya and her batchmates to sleep as they need to wake up at 5 Am next day.

The next day, Omi wants to make sure that Kavya doesn’t get any supplier for the hospital. He threatens all suppliers. Kavya and Adi get to know that suppliers are not ready to send material for hospital redevelopment. Adi thinks Giriraj wants this hospital to restart so he won’t let it start. Kavya asks Adi for not taking the work seriously. Anjali calls Kavya and asks her to choose a saree for her as she is going to meet Malini. Kavya says she doesn’t have time and disconnects the call. Adi calls Anjali and selects a saree for her. Kavya comes there. She tells Anjali that what Adi selected for her is good. She thanks Adi for correcting her mistake. She says it’s important to give time to the family.

Kavya tells Adi that she is feeling suspicious as all suppliers are backing out to supply the material for hospital redevelopment. Adi comments that she thinks like IPS.

Anjali sees Rajeev is leaving for work. Anjali feels relieved. She does the final touch up to her look and leaves to meet Malini. Kavya meets Supplier as Supplier and gets to know someone is threatening Suppliers and stopping suppliers to send the material for hospital redevelopment. Kavya asks Supplier to give her the number who threatened him. The supplier tells her that he lost the number. Kavya thinks someone is trying to stop Hospital redevelopment. She decides to find out who is behind it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Adi meets Omi and asks him if he stopped the vendors from delivering materials to them. He says I showed you the list so I’m suspecting you. Kavya overheads it. She thinks she didn’t expect it from Adi.

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Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 20th October 2023 Written Update: Kavya gets the responsibility of restarting the hospital