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The episode starts with the police arresting Adi for molesting Naina Patnaik. Kavya tries to stop the cops but the cops handcuff Adi. Giriraj tries to stop the cops. The inspector says Naina filed a complaint against him. Adi says those accusation are false. Badi Amma acts as if she is trying to stop the cops. The police say that they have proof of Adi taking Naina to the hotel and says Naina came to the police station right from the hotel. The police take Adi to the police station. Kavya leaves the house. Badi Amma thinks Kavya is upto spoiling their plans again.

The police put Adi in jail. Giriraj tries to seek help but no one agrees to help Adi. Adi says to Giriraj that he is innocent and asks Giriraj if he believes him. Giriraj says it doesn’t matter right now and leaves from there. Giriraj asks the cops to make sure the news doesn’t get out that Adi is arrested under Molestation. The police inspector agrees.

Kavya comes to the hotel and enquires if Adi came here in his own. Kavya sees in the CCTV footage that Adi is bringing Naina to the hotel on his own.

Anurag says to Badi Amma that Giriraj did not allow the reporters to go inside. Badi Amma calls Eswar and says it’s time for him to get to work.

Eswar comes into the police station with a button camera. Badi Amma shows to Anurag that now they have proof that Adi is in jail. Anurag says to Badi Amma that if Naina takes back her testimony then they will be in trouble. Badi Amma says to Anurag that until they have Naina’s weakness in her hand. Naina will not be able to do anything.

Sanjiv calls Kavya and says he hired the best lawyer for Adi. Kavya thanks Sanjeev. Adi notices Eswar and Naina. Adi asks Naina how could she falsely accuse him. Kavya pulls Adi away.

Kavya takes Adi to aside. Adi lashes out at Kavya. Kavya calms down Adi and says to Adi that she saw in the cctv footage that Adi took Naina to the hotel room. Adi says he doesn’t recall anything. Kavya asks Adi if he booked the hotel. Adi says she booked the hotel for Mishra ji their party superior who is coming from Delhi.

Badi Amma says she was there when Adi was booking the hotel room. Badi Amma calls Naina and tells her what she has to do.

Kavya says to Adi that she trusts him and says she will stay with him. Adi asks Kavya how can she trust him. Kavya says because she loves him.

Giriraj and the lawyer bail Adi. Giriraj says to Adi that he will suppress the case and asks Adi not to worry. Adi argues with Giriraj and says he will prove himself innocent. Eswar records all of their discussion. Adi leaves from there.

Anurag asks Badi Amma how does she know Giriraj will try to suppress the case. Badi Amma says she is the one who taught all these tricks.

Giriraj, Adi and Kavya come out of the police station and find reporters waiting for them.

Episode ends.

Precap:-the reporters question Kavya who will she support Adi or the innocent woman. Kavya says she will stand with the truth.

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