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The episode starts with Kavya returning to the room. Kavya mocks Adi for not supporting her in the project. She says there is no progress in their project as no vendor is willing to work on the hospital redevelopment. Karan says he is glad that Kavya is not on his team. Payal says their project is almost done. She insults Kavya.

Anjali enters Malini’s house. She feels happy seeing the house. Malini smiles seeing Anjali. She tells Anjali that she doesn’t recognise her. She welcomes her. While drinking coffee, Malini asks Anjali about her family members. Anjali says Kavya, Navya, and Mayank are her kids. Malini says she didn’t see Navya. Anjali stays silent.

Kavya asks Payal how can she insult her. Payal comments on her. The power goes off. Everyone feels scared. Adi tries to scare his friend and acts like he is Navya’s ghost. Kavya takes the stethoscope and doctor’s coat from Adi. She leaves from there in tears. Adi feels confused about her behaviour.

Anjali shares with Malini how they lost their daughter Navya. Kavya recalls her past moment with Navya. She asks Navya to help her to prove her innocence as she is unable to see her getting insulted without her mistake. Adi comes to Kavya. Kavya wipes her tears. Adi asks Kavya what happened. Kavya tells him it’s wrong to make fun of people who are dead. She asks why he is wasting her time by coming in her team. Adi apologises to her. He says he will rectify his mistake. Kavya tells him that he will get her forgiveness if he finds one who is provoking the vendors against them. Adi promises to find it. Kavya says if he didn’t do it the next day then their partnership will be ended in the project.

Later Adi goes to Omi’s guest house. Kavya follows Adi. Adi confronts Omi if he stopped the vendors from delivering materials to them. He says I showed you the list so I’m suspecting you. Kavya overhears it. She thinks she didn’t expect it from Adi and assumes Adi told the vendor details to his brother. Omi takes Adi inside. Adi asks Omi if their dad has any problem with the hospital project. He question why he fought in the market. Omi diverts the matter and sends him.

Omi calls Giriraj and tells him that he doesn’t like to lie to Adi. He says he doesn’t want Adi to go far from them. Giriraj says whatever he does is for his sons. He says he doesn’t want to lose the expensive land. Omi assures him that he will handle the matter. Kavya thinks Adi is working for his father. She takes the phone to share the matter with Shubh but she stops herself. Kavya attends Rajeev’s call. Rajeev asks Kavya if she is fine. Kavya says she is tired of defeat at every step. Rajeev encourages her to fight back. Kavya tells him that she will try until she succeeds.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya tries to reason with the village headman regarding her hospital redevelopment work. Kavya reveals she is Navya Bansal’s sister. However, this infuriates Villagers and they attack Kavya with weapons and flaming torches. Adi comes to Kavya’s rescue.

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