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The episode starts with Sanjeev, Payal, and others submitting their report to Jaideep. Jaideep appreciates Sanjeev and Payal’s project progress. Jaideep asks Kavya about her report. Kavya gives him a file. Jaideep checks it and questions why she didn’t do anything in the hospital redevelopment. He says he will assign it to others if she is not interested in doing the project. Kavya says she is interested in doing the project. She requests him to assign Adi to another project. Adi gets shocked. Jaideep says it’s not possible to change Adi in another project. Kavya refuses to work with Adi. Jaideep says she doesn’t have a choice and asks her to finish their project soon and leaves.

Adi questions Kavya why she doesn’t want him in her project. Kavya doesn’t listen to him and leaves in an auto. Adi runs behind Kavya’s auto. Kavya goes to the hospital where Navya committed suicide. Adi reaches Kavya. He questions why she doesn’t want him in the project. Kavya tells him that she is humiliated because of him. Adi says he didn’t do anything wrong. Kavya questions if he didn’t halt the redevelopment work by passing the information of vendors to his brother. Adi tries to tell the truth. Kavya doesn’t listen. Adi asks why can’t she work calmly. Kavya says she can’t work calmly until she proves her sister’s innocence. She admits to him that Navya is her sister and she wants this hospital to restart soon. Adi feels bad. He apologises to Kavya for making fun of Navya’s death last night. Watchman overhears that Kavya is Navya’s sister.

Kavya decides to tell the villagers the truth about her sister. Adi tells her it’s not the correct move. Kavya asks him to not follow her. She locks him in a room and leaves.

Kavya tries to reason with the village headman regarding her hospital redevelopment work. The Villager’s head refuses to help her. One of the villagers asks if Navya is related to her. Kavya reveals she is Navya Bansal’s sister. However, this infuriates Villagers. Kavya says Navyaa is gold medalist and she didn’t bear the accusations on her so she committed suicide and it’s an ended chapter and my family also lost my sister like you guys lost your children, forget about the past and help me to restart the hospital. She tells them that it’s beneficial to all of them. Adi escapes from the hospital. The village head declares they will kill Kavya. Adi comes there as a villager and escapes from there with Kavya. Watchman alerts Villagers and they start chasing Kavya and Adi.

Omi on call informs Giriraj that he sent men to end Kavya’s chapter. Giriraj scolds him for putting Adi’s life in trouble. Villagers surround Kavya and Adi with weapons and flaming torches. Adi beats them and escapes from there with Kavya.

Episode ends.

Precap – One lady gives shelter to Kavya and Adi. Lady receives a call from her husband and learns that Kavya is the sister of their baby’s killer Navya.

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