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The episode starts with Adi saying to Kavya that he thought she doesn’t trust him that’s why she was scared thinking about the baby. Adi says to Kavya that he will always support her in this pregnancy and he promises Kavya of it. Kavya comments on Adi and asks Adi to help her in making the list for the teacher’s jobs. Adi asks Kavya to take rest. Kavya recalls Ripu Dhawan’s words and asks Adi not to put those cushions in the car. Kavya says Ripu Dhawan has already commented on it and she doesn’t want him to know about it. Adi teases Kavya about it.

Giriraj asks Viplav if they sent the teachers list to the DM’s office that they prepared. Viplav says yes and says to Giriraj it is the list of people who gave bribe to them. Giriraj asks Viplav to open a trust in Anjali Bansal’s name and once the money gets transferred into this account they will be rich.

Anjali serves food to Rajiv. Rajiv praises her food and comments on Anjali as she is thinking about going out and doing job.

Mayank helps Anjali in cooking food. Mayank talks to Anjali about her new job. Anjali says Giriraj asked her to apply for the teachers job. Mayank says it’s a good idea and he encourages Anjali to apply for it.

Adi and Kavya are shown to be preparing the teachers list. Kavya couldn’t see anything due to the hormonal imbalance so she stops doing it and leaves to work.

Kavya talks with the Dr Garima over the phone about her vision problem. Dr Garima says it is due to hormonal imbalance and asks Kavya to take rest for a few days. Kavya says it is not possible and comments on it. Shubh runs into Kavya. Kavya drops her phone. Shubh sees Kavya is talking to Dr Garima over the phone. Shubh later searches in the internet and learns that Dr Garima is a gynaecologist.

Kavya comes to Ripu Dhawan and asks Ripu Dhawan if she can take leave today. Ripu Dhawan says there is an important meeting as CM wants the teachers list finalised today. Kavya hearing about it says she will go to the meeting.

Mishra asks Adi if he prepared the list. Adi gets shocked and lies that the list is prepared.

Shubh comes to Anjali’s house with mangoes and and talks to her about Kavya. Shubh learns from Anjali that Kavya is pregnant. Shubh decides to use this information to his advantage.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Giriraj gets into an argument with Kavya. Adi tries to stop Giriraj.

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