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The episode starts with Adi asking Kavya what is this disrespect. Kavya asks Adi how is it disrespect when she is saving a life. Kavya asks Badi Amma to eat it. Badi Amma says to Kavya that she is not Adi’s enemy. Badi Amma says she will prove it by eating this laddoo. Badi Amma argues with Kavya. Adi asks Badi Amma if Kavya said anything to her. Badi Amma says to Adi that Kavya came to her room and accused her saying she is behind the bomb blast. Badi Amma says she also asked Santu to lie to everyone that she tried to kill Adi. Adi asks Santu if it is true. Santu tries to tell the truth but Kavya signals Santu. Santu stays silent. Adi comments on Kavya and leaves from there. Giriraj says to Kavya that she crossed the line this time and admonishes her behaviour. Kavya says she is telling the truth. Giriraj comments on it and leaves from there.

Santu asks Kavya why hasn’t she allowed him to tell the truth. Kavya says without proof it is no use even if they told the truth as everyone only believes Badi Amma.

Kavya learns that her parents have come. Kavya talks with her parents. Kavya’s parents feel relieved seeing Kavya safe and sound.

Badi Amma is shown to have stolen the file. Badi Amma says to Anurag that now they will use this file to conspire against Kavya and later destroy this file.

Anjali says to Malini that that they are grateful that Adi saved Kavya. Badi Amma comes and offers blankets to Kavya’s parents as Adi is going to be MLA. Anjali takes the blanket despite the humiliation.

Anjali comes to Adi and thanks Adi for rescuing Kavya. Adi says he would have done the same thing if there was anyone in Kavya’s situation as he can’t see anyone die right infront of him. Anjali says to Adi that Kavya is not responsible for Omi’s death and says they have forgiven Omi. Adi shows the video of Rajiv and Mayank beating up Omi and asks Anjali if this is how they forgave Omi and comments on them. Rajiv comes and argues with Adi as he is shouting at Anjali. Kavya clams them down and sends her parents away.

A delivery boy runs into Kavya’s parents. Some files fall out of the delivery boy bag. Rajiv picks it up and gives them to the delivery boy. Anurag takes a picture of it.

It is shown Badi Amma says Kavya will think there is something wrong in the blankets but Kavya doesn’t know that the plan is elsewhere.

Adi searches for the file in the house and he does find it. Adi asks his family members to search for it. Kavya asks Adi what is he looking for. Adi asks Kavya to leave. Kavya leaves from there.

Anurag shows the photo of Rajiv giving the file to a person. Giriraj identifies the delivery boy as an opposition party member. Adi thinks Rajiv stole his file. Adi goes and confronts Kavya about it. Kavya says her father would never do that and calls him. Rajiv tells Kavya what happened with the delivery boy. Kavya says someone is framing her father and says someone in this house doesn’t want him to be MLA. Adi says he knows it is her. Adi and Kavya have a heated argument. Adi asks Kavya to leave. Kavya says they haven’t been divorced.

Adi brings Kavya and says he is throwing Kavya out of the house and he asks anyone not to interfere. Adi and Kavya try to call reporters but they see that they are calling the same one and he is not attending the call. Kavya goes into her room. Badi Amma feels sorry for Adi.

Episode ends.

Precap:-In the party meeting, Kavya comes with Aarthi to give Aarthi to Adi infront of the reporters.

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