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Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty Twists in Anupamaa make it interesting to play Kavya

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Anuj slipping into coma will bring tough days for Anupama.

In today’s episode, Kavya learn Anuj went to meet Vanraj. Panditji asks to start the puja. Anu asks Anupama about Anuj. Anupama assure Anu that Anuj will come soon. Shahs and Kapadia’s’ performs puja together. Adhik and Pakhi share an eye lock. Anuj gets surprised seeing Vanraj sitting on driving seat. Kavya spots Vanraj driving Anuj. She chases Vanraj.

Vanraj speeds up the car. Anupama pray to God. Anu and others asks Anupama to stop as Puja already got over. Anupama gets a call. Samar receives a call. Everyone learns that Anuj and Vanraj meet with an accident. Inspector says it is hard to tell whether they will survive or not. Anupama stand stunned. She recalls her moments with Anuj. Anupama says nothing will happen to Anuj. Kavya cries for Vanraj.

Anupama and others reach the cliff. Anupama calls out for Anuj and sit stunned. Leela and Kavya worry for Vanraj. Shahs and Kapadia’s gets stressed. Ankush asks Samar to control Anupama. Inspector inform car is not damaged which mean both Anuj and Vanraj might have fallen later. He says his rescue team is bringing the body. Anupama alerts inspector. She asks not to call it a body. Samar asks Inspector how he is sure that it is Vanraj and Anuj. Inspector informs Kavya saw them but she was too scared thus he called them. Shahs and Kapadia’s asks Kavya to reveal the truth.

In the upcoming episode, Ankush and others will get curious to know how Anuj and Vanraj fallen from the cliff. Kavya will be confronted. What truth Kavya is hiding? To know more keep watching the show.

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