Akshay Kumar much awaited film “Kesari” which is based on a true story of patriotism. The teaser of the flick is able to grab many eyeballs already and the main trailer of the movie is decided to be out on 21st February, 2019. However, due to the deadly attack in Pulwama many movie trailers and events are getting cancelled or postponed.

Hence there was a belief that may be Kesari will postpone their trailer launch too whereas the team of the movie has no such plans. As per the management of the film, current situation is the perfect time to launch the trailer as the movie deals with tales about courage and patriotism.

As per the source from the trade section when the whole country is saluting the martyred armies and their endless contribution and sacrifices for us.

Similarly the film is also talking about 21 sikh jawaans over hundred of years ago. There was a special preview for the fans and audience of the film and before the trailer launch the preview will be up. The trailer is all set to hit the social media and buzz on Thursday. The cast and crew of the film will be start promoting for the film soon, so delaying the trailer launch won’t go well with the market of the movie. Besides a trailer takes time to crate its impact on the audience.

The movie will be the first one having Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in same frame. It is scheduled to release worldwide on 21st March of the year.