Kiran Bhargava is back with a Dangal show. She speaks more about it. 

1. How did you get the new show?

My last show was Sindoor Ki Keemat, and I played a very strict Daadi. I think they cast me for this show on the basis of that. Its title is Kaisa hai yeh rishta anjaana on Dangal itself.

2. What made you say yes to doing it?

The character is very strong, and it’s something that’s new to me in terms of characters I have performed. Strict, orthodox, and with an eye for details, I enjoyed the brief and said yes immediately.

3. What is your character in it?

The back story of my character made the role even more interesting. I play someone who is strict and very clear on her life rules, someone who is orthodox in the ways of life and has a knack and eye for details.

4. Since it is a family of actors, do you discuss it with them before you take on a show?

Of course, I discuss it with my family, not just because they are actors but because I like their input. I had not watched TV for almost a year because it does get exhausting and I wanted some me time, but I am ready now to take on a new challenge. I also missed the medium as much as the camera, the chaos, and all of it.