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Episode begins with Aryaman asks Krishna that why she brought Mohan to Baba. Krishna tells Aryaman that Mohan is changed. She says that Mohan started hiding things from her so she tried this way. He tells her that he can’t believe she did this. Mohan faints. Krishna gets worried about Mohan and cries. Aryaman blames Krishna for Mohan’s condition. They takes Mohan from there.

On the other hand, Ananya tells Srijila that Aryaman is not picking the call. She reveals that she and Aryaman planned to go to her friend first anniversary party. Srijila says that Krishna is not in the house so may be Aryaman is spending romantic time with Krishna. Aryaman enters the house with Krishna and Mohan. Ananya reminds Aryaman about Anjali and Raj’s wedding anniversary party. Aryaman tells sorry to her for forgetting it.

Ananya tells him that he forgets everything in front of Mohan and Krishna. She asks him that where he went. He lies to her that he took Mohan and Krishna to mall. Srijila asks where is shopping bags. She says that seems like they did not like anything. Aryaman tells her that she is right. He says that he will change and goes inside. Mohan also goes inside.

Dadi asks Krishna to keep savitri vrat tomorrow. She says that this vrat will protect Aryaman. Krishna gets shocked hearing this and she looks at Rajshri. Dadi notices this and says that Rajshri won’t stop Krishna if she cares about Aryaman then. Ananya asks Dadi that why Krishna will keep vrat for Aryaman when Krishna is not Aryaman’s wife now. She says that Krishna signed on the divorce papers.

Dadi tells Ananya that Aryaman and Krishna got married with Lord Krishna’s blessing so a paper can’t break their relationship. She says that Aryaman and Krishna are legally married couple for 6 months. Krishna goes inside.

Krishna tries to get Mohan’s forgiveness by dancing around him with sorry card. Mohan tells Krishna that he won’t forgive her never. He says that he trusted Krishna completely but she broke that trust and goes to sleep. Krishna gets sad.

Next day, Aryaman tells Rajshri that she should not keep vrat for Bharat because Bharat don’t deserve that. He says that they don’t even know Bharat is alive or not. Rajshri asks him to not talk like this at least today. Krishna tells Aryaman that they can live with memories. She asks him to not stop Rajshri. Dadi tells Aryaman that Krishna kept vrat for him. Ananya says that she also kept vrat for Aryaman. Srijila tells Ananya that vrat won’t be easy. Ananya says that she can do anything for Aryaman. She tells Kundan that Aryaman will break her vrat first. Rajshri smiles hearing this. Dadi gives jewels and outfit to Krishna. She asks Krishna to get ready.

Piya tells Srijila that her friends came there to work on fashion show. They starts working for fashion show. One of the student says that it would have been helpful if Anuradha was there. Sid asks them to call Anuradha there.

Krishna gets ready in red color outfit. Aryaman comes there and gets mesmerized seeing her. He wonders what’s happening with him. He hides before Krishna sees him. Then he enters her room again. He sees she is struggling to put pin. Krishna notices him.

Episode ends.

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