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Episode begins with Krishna asks Mohan to promise to not try to commit suicide again. Mohan promises to her. She tells him to go and change dress. He leaves from there.

On the other hand, Ananya asks Aryaman that whether he is angry at her still. Aryaman says that he is okay. Srijila tells Sid that she is not able it’s their bad luck or their planning was bad. She says that everything got spoiled. Dadi asks Pinkish that whether Krishna will come tomorrow. She says that Krishna told to take her to Lord Krishna’s temple. Pinkish tells her that Krishna will come. Aryaman tells Pinkish that Krishna need not to come from tomorrow.

Dadi tells him that Krishna must have left for urgent work. He tells her that this marriage important for him and what Krishna did was unprofessional. Srijila asks Sid that what happened to Aryaman suddenly. Sid tells her that their plan won’t work if Krishna won’t come to work then. Aryaman says that they don’t need Krishna. He gives Krishna’s salary to Pinkish and goes inside. He thinks that he won’t let anyone spoil Krishna’s image.

Krishna tells Mohan that everyone must be sleeping so they can enter the house through backdoor. Akash taunts Krishna for returning. Krishna tells him that this is her and Mohan’s house too. Rajesh says that only he has rights on the house until he is alive. He reminds Krishna and Mohan that he already threw them out of the house. Krishna asks Rajesh that where she will go with Mohan at this time. Shailesh tells her to leave the house. Krishna tells him that she know why he is doing this.

Pinkish comes there and says that Krishna don’t have job now. He reveals that Krishna run away in the middle of the mehendi ceremony. He tells Krishna that she should care about Rajesh’s image also. Meanwhile, Aryaman and others surprises Dadi for her birthday.

Rajesh warns Krishna to tell the truth, or else he will beat Mohan up. Krishna tells him that Mohan was scared because of morning incident so she had to go to Mohan. She says that they were in the temple till now. She takes Mohan inside.

Ananya tells Aryaman that she is glad she saw his fun side. She asks him to show his romantic side too. Aryaman tells her that he can do anything for his family happiness. She tells him that she can do anything for him.

Next day, Mohan wears Krishna’s dupatta. Krishna scolds Mohan. Mohan tells her that he will live his life the way he want. He says that he won’t live in fear. Rajesh slaps Mohan. He strangulates Mohan. Krishna requests Rajesh to leave Mohan. Mohan loses his consciousness. And all this turns out to be Krishna’s dream. She thinks that she can’t let Mohan ruin his life. She sees Rajesh making Mohan do difficult exercise. Mohan expects Krishna will help him. But Krishna goes inside. Mohan faints. Krishna comes out.

Episode ends.


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