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Episode begins with Krishna agrees to marry Pinkesh. Mohan asks her that whether she became mad. She asks him to stop it. She says that Aryaman escaped and Pinkesh came to save their family reputation. She adds that she won’t get better life partner than Pinkesh. Pinkesh tells Mohan to move aside. He makes Krishna sit in the marriage mandap. He sits beside Krishna and asks Priest to begin. Priest starts chanting mantras. Krishna recalls that how sindoor fell on her forehead from Aryaman’s hand. She thinks that she don’t care about her future because she is glad Aryaman is safe. Pinkesh tells Priest to chant mantras fast.

Srijila tells Sid that Ananya should not get Krishna’s phone number. She steals Krishna’s phone number chit from Dadi’s bag. She lies that there is no chit in Dadi’s bag. Ananya asks Kundan to send Dwarka police to Krishna’s house. Srijila says that it won’t be good if police went to girl house for enquiry then. Ananya says that she has to find Aryaman that’s it. She tells Kundan to call the police. Kundan nods at her.

Pinkesh and Krishna stands to exchange marriage garlands. They exchanges marriage garlands. Aakash disconnects Sid’s call. He switch off the phone. Priest calls Rajesh for ‘kanyadaan’.

Sid tells Srijila that something is wrong. Kundan tells them that Aryaman is not in Krishna’s house. He reveals that Krishna and Pinkesh marriage is happening in Krishna’s house. Dadi asks why Krishna will marry Pinkesh. Ananya says that that’s not important. She wonders where is Aryaman. Rajshri worried about Aryaman. Anshuman tells her that he will go to Dwarka. Kundan asks Rajshri to not worry because police is checking the CCTV footage. Srijila asks Sid that what’s happening. Sid says that seems like his plan flopped.

Priest asks Mohan to tie gathbandhan. Mohan refuses. Rajesh slaps Mohan and he forces Mohan to tie gathbandhan. Pinkesh and Krishna stands to take pheres. Krishna takes wood from agnikund. Rajesh asks Krishna that whether she became mad. Krishna says that she came to sense now. She threatens to burn the marriage mandap. Pinkesh tells her that she may burn her hand. Aakash tells Krishna to stop the drama.

Krishna warns everyone to stay away from her. Mohan also takes wood from agnikund. She tells Krishna that they should run away from there. Krishna agrees with Mohan. Pinkesh snatches the wood from Mohan. Aakash snatches the wood from Krishna. Aryaman comes there with Ketan.

Police inspector tells Kundan that Aryaman returned to Dwarka. Ananya says that Aryaman went to Krishna’s house to stop the marriage. Kundan requests police inspector to send his team to Krishna’s house again.

Aryaman tells Pinkesh that the latter will end up in jail for marrying forcefully Krishna. He scolds everyone. Pinkesh asks Aryaman to not interfere. Aryaman says that he won’t let this marriage happen no matter what.

Episode ends.

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