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The episode begins with Krishna asks Aryaman that why he returned. Aryaman tells her that he is not coward. He says that he hate the people who run away from their responsibilities. He says that he will fight today and he is ready to face the consequences, but he won’t run away. Pinkesh tells Aryaman that they are not toys. He asks Aryaman that what’s gurantee that Aryaman won’t leave Krishna after marriage. He says that he will marry Krishna because he completed half of marriage rituals. Aryaman tells Pinkesh that he won’t even let the latter’s shadow touch Krishna.

Aakash tells Aryaman that no one will marry Krishna if today Krishna’s marriage did not happen then. He says that Krishna can’t live with dignity. Aryaman gets angry and warns Aakash to not utter a word. Shailesh tells Aryaman to marry Krishna.

Krishna tells Aryaman to leave from there because no one will understand him. Aryaman asks her that how can she decide to marry Pinkesh for his sake. He says that he is responsible for Krishna’s condition and he will take responsibility to make everything fine. She asks him that whether he know what he is saying. He tells her that he will marry her wholeheartedly. He says that he can’t live peacefully if Krishna’s life got ruined because of him then. He adds that he is ready to marry Krishna to save her dignity.

Pinkesh tells Aryaman that the latter’s family won’t accept Krishna. He says that Aryaman can’t become Krishna’s shadow. Aryaman tells Krishna that he will support her in darkness too because shadow gets vanished in darkness. He asks Priest to start chanting mantras. He takes pheres with Krishna. Aakash records this. Aryaman recalls that how Kundan said he is like Kundan’s son. And he fills Krishna’s forehead with sindoor. Mohan gets happy seeing this. Aryaman recalls that how Ananya said she is going to become his wife. And he ties nuptial chain around Krishna’s neck. Priest says that marriage rituals got completed and says Krishna and Aryaman are husband and wife now.

Sid shows Aryaman and Krishna’s marriage video to Srijila. Srijila tells him that they should the video to Kundan. He shook his head. He says that he will make sure Kundan hates Aryaman.

Mohan tells Ratna that he is happy Krishna got married to Aryaman. Ratna says that she is glad Krishna can lead a happy marriage life. Aryaman wonders how he is going to face his family because he took big decision. Aakash asks Aryaman to forget the past. Krishna drags Aryaman inside. Aryaman asks her that what happened. She tells him that they can’t justify this marriage to his family. She says that his family will blame her for all this because she is stranger for them. Ketan tells Aryaman that they have early morning flight and they should leave now. He says that marriage news should not reach Kundan before them.

Episode ends.

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