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In the Colors TV show Krishna Mohini, Kundan will tell Aryaman to leave the house for deceiving him. Will Aryaman defend himself? To know more check out below.

Earlier it’s seen that, Sid told Srijila that he did right by sending marriage video to media reporters. Rajshri said everything is lie and Aryaman won’t do something like that. She told Kundan that he know Aryaman. Kundan told her that Aryaman was his pride but Aryaman deceived him. He said Aryaman proved he is Bharat’s son. Rajshri got shocked hearing this and she cried. Srijila said Aryaman broke Ananya’s heart. Kundan said Aryaman broke this family too.

Aryaman and others stuck in the traffic so they went to talk to traffic police officer. Mohan saw few people like them and went to them. He saw them dancing happily. He learnt about pride parade. Krishna was about to meet with an accident while crossing the road but Aryaman saved her. They found Mohan. Aryaman warned Mohan to stay away from those kind of people.

In the upcoming episode, Aryaman and Krishna will reach Aryaman’s house. Kundan will tell Aryaman to not enter the house. And then he will slap Aryaman. He will say that this family broke because of Aryaman so Aryaman can’t stay in the house. Aryaman will be ready to leave the house but Krishna will stop him. Krishna will tell Aryaman that this family is breaking because of her so she will mend everything.

Will Krishna get a chance?

What will be Aryaman’s decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Krishna Mohini, stay tuned to this space.