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In the Colors TV show Krishna Mohini, Mohan will ruin the party. What Aryaman will do? To know more check out below.

Earlier it’s seen that, Krishna cleaned the room with Mohan’s help. Dhaniya gave food them and taunted them indirectly.

Ananya gave food to Aryaman. Aryaman asked her whether Krishna ate. She told him that Dhaniya gave food to Krishna. She said she know Krishna is between her and Aryaman so she will end this loveless marriage.

Next day, Krishna hesitated to light the diya in the house temple. But Dadi gave permission to Krishna. Krishna asked Dadi that whether the latter is not angry at her. Dadi said everything happens with God permission. And Aryaman and Krishna’s marriage happened with Lord Krishna’s blessing.

Ketan told Kundan that their competitors spreading they don’t respect women that’s why they did not celebrate Aryaman and Krishna’s marriage. He said this negativity is affecting their company stocks. Kundan blamed Aryaman for everything. Aryaman asked PR team about solution.

PR manager said that Aryaman and Krishna to make an public appearance as couple. Kundan opposed this. Aryaman said he don’t want Krishna to feel uncomfortable because of him. Ananya thought Krishna can’t take her place publicly. Krishna overheard their conversation.

In the upcoming episode, Krishna will dance with Aryaman in the party. Media reporter will ask Krishna that how she will manage in the big house. Drunk Mohan will dance and he will trouble others. Krishna will get angry seeing this and she will slap Mohan.

Why Krishna agreed for party?

Did Krishna convinced Aryaman for party?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Krishna Mohini, stay tuned to this space.