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The episode starts with Dev getting a call and leaves urgently worrying Sonakshi. Income tax officers raids Dev’s office saying that they have complaint against Vicky that he took bribes for Aasha foundation. Sanjana recalls hearing Vicky talking about how important Aasha foundation project is. She decides to keep Sona struggle between her father and mother’s project. The officers starts searching the office. Dev comes there and tries explaining but they didn’t listen. Dev hit the table in anger and gets hurt. Sanjana rushes to him with first aid kit and blows on his wound but Dev takes his hand back and warned her to stay away. Dev asks lawyer to get bail for Vicky.

The officers calls Vicky for giving his statement. A scared Vicky says that he didn’t do anything and Dev supports him. Dev gets Sonakshi’s call but he cuts it. He asks him not to worry. Ishwari, Radha and Elena visited Bijoy while Sonakshi is crying. Ishwari says Bijoy that today is the day Dev confessed that he loves Sonakshi. She says that she was hesitant and scared at start that whether she could take care of her son properly and was against Sona but Sona proved herself and kept the family united. She asks him to get up soon and comforted Sonakshi.

The officers leave after checking the files when Dev warned his employees to not let this issue leak out of office. Sonakshi video calls Dev and asks about the situation but Dev says that everything is fine and it’s sorted. Sonakshi looks at the wound in his hand and makes him dress up his wounds. Sanjana fumes in jealousy seeing it. Suddenly Lawyer comes to Dev and says that they neither could get anticipatory bail for Vicky and their stocks are falling. His assistant informs him that the partners wants to break their deal with the company. Dev gets frustrated while Sonakshi apologizes Dev un her mind. She thinks that her love is for Dev but her fight is with Sonakshi.


At home, everyone are watching news about possibilities of Vicky getting arrested. Vicky and Dev comes home and Radha pleads Dev to do something as she can’t see her son get arrested. Dev tries calming her down but Radha points at Aasha’s name and blames their unlucky for everything. They gets shocked seeing Sonakshi at door. She asks why didn’t they inform about such a big thing to her. Radha tries explaining but Sonakshi says she can understand. She asks her not to worry as Dev will definitely won’t let anything happen to Vicky. Ishwari also assures the same.

At room, Dev apologizes Sonakshi that Aasha’s name is getting bashed in all the mess. Sonakshi’s asks him to not blame himself as its bit his fault. Sanjana fumes seeing them using the camera and calls Dev. She asks Dev to find the No clearance file from office to save Vicky. Dev thanks Sanjana for being life saver and Sanjana gets elated hearing it. Dev rushes to office while Sanjana has the file with her.


Precap : Vicky will get arrested by police. Police will drag away Vicky. Radha will confront Ishwari about Dev unable to save Vicky.

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 18th October 2021 Written Update: Sanjana’s plan to separate Dev and Sonakshi