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Sony Entertainment Television’s newly launched show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Nandini and Naren, convincing Vishaka’s parents to accept Vishaka’s relationship with Vineet

In the current track, it shows that Nandini tells Ishwar that they all misunderstood Naren’s intentions. Naren and Nandini leave to Vishaka’s house in Nandini’s motorbike. Naren tries to flirt with Nandini. Both Nandini and Naren try to convince Hitesh to approve Vishaka’s relationship with Vineet, but Hitesh refuses. Hitesh decides to file a complaint against Vineet, but Naren tells him that he can’t able to do anything such as they are adults. Hitesh agrees to meet Vineet.

Nandini apologises to Naren for misunderstanding him, but Naren praises her for being a self respect girl. Nandini admires Naren. Nandini questions Vishaka for trying to run away despite her request to stay here until she arrives. Vishaka refuses to believe her parent’s intentions, but both Nandini and Naren advise Vishaka and Vineet. Vineet agrees to meet Vishaka’s parents.

Both Nandini and Naren bring Vishaka and Vineet to home. Vineet requests Hitesh to accept him. Hitesh agrees, which makes everyone happy. He then praises Naren’s upbringing. Naren praises. Nandini. Ishwar apologises to Naren, but the latter asks him to bless him, which makes Nandini happy.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Naren will say to Nandini about his father, Hemraj Ratan Singh is against societal malpractices. Hemraj will be seen telling a man that he opposes dowry. Naren will ask Nandini to have faith in his family and accept his proposal. Nandini will look on.

What will be Nandini’s decision?

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