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Sony Entertainment Television’s newly launched show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Naren and Nandini getting closer to each other during Vishaka’s wedding with Vineet

In the previous episode, we saw that Mani and Mitesh shared their disappointment towards themselves for misunderstanding Naren. Naren arrived at Nandini’s house. He made a request to Nandini’s family to allow him to speak with Nandini alone, which Mani approved. Mani, Ishwar, and Mitesh left Nandini with Naren.

Naren expressed his liking towards Nandini, but Nandini shared with him about her fear of snatching Ishwar and Mani’s happiness, which was their land in order to get married. She also told Naren that after her mother’s death, it’s Ishwar and Mani who has taken care of her to date. Naren praised Nandini for being brave. He also told Nandini just like her. He was also against the dowry system. Nandini told him that both the families’ financial status was different. Also, he might be opposing dowry, but his family might not.

Naren told Nandini about his father, Hemraj, who was against dowry. Hemraj was seen taking part in a wedding celebration. He met a businessman named Sujan Dharamshi. Sujan showed his interest towards Naren for his family. He also told Hemraj that he would send his daughter with lots of money and jewellery, which wasn’t a dowry but gifts. Hemraj agreed to Sujan’s proposal while Nandini accepted Naren’s proposal.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that a lady will demand Vishaka to cover her face with a veil as per tradition. Nandini will raise a question. The lady will ask Nandini to shut her mouth. She will also announce that if Vishaka doesn’t follow this tradition, then she will not let this wedding take place, which will shock everyone.

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