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Sony Entertainment Television’s newly launched show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Ishwar questioning Naren for following Nandini even after getting beaten up by the villagers because of Nandini’s allegations.

In the current track, it shows that Nandini convinces both Ishwar and Mani to have dinner, and then she leaves to take care of Mehul’s mother. Mehul gets worried about recalling Naren’s interest in Nandini. But he hides it from her and leaves somewhere after Nandini agrees to take Montu and Suman to the fair. Mehul’s mother encourages Nandini’s fight against the societal malpractices, but she also advises her.

Nandini gets furious learning Naren’s interest in her. So when Naren meets her the next day, she lashes out at him. She also warns him to stay away from there. She then takes Montu and Suman to the fair. Naren follows her. So an infuriated Nandini turns the villagers against him for following her, also troubling her. The villagers beat him up. Nandini informs her family about Naren’s behaviour. She then gets shocked seeing Naren at her doorstep. Naren pleads with Nandini and her family members to listen to him. Ishwar questions Naren.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Naren will be seen taken by the cops. Both Nandini and Mitesh will get shocked to witness it. Mitesh will ask Nandini if the latter is the reason behind Naren’s arrest? Nandini will say she isn’t. Naren will spot Nandini before he gets into the vehicle with the cops. Nandini will receive a call from Vishaka, who will tell her that she wants to share with her about Naren’s truth. Nandini will look on.

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