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Sony Entertainment Television’s newly launched show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Nandini learning Naren’s truth through Vishaka, so she saves prevents him from going to prison

In the current track, it shows that Naren tries to make Nandini and her family members understand his real intention towards Nandini doesn’t have any ill intention, but they refuse to believe him. Nandini threatens to send him to prison, so Naren gives his card to Nandini’s family and then leaves. Mitesh plans to attack Naren, so Nandini rushes to stop him.

Naren gets arrested by Ishwar and Mani’s complaint against him. Hitesh informs Nandini’s family about Vishaka’s disappearance. Nandini meets Vishaka. Vishaka tells Nandini about her decision to marry her boyfriend, Vineet. She also tells her Naren demanded dowry from her family to help her only. Also, Naren is truly interested in her without any hidden agenda. Nandini gets shocked. She then makes Ishwar withdraw his complaint against Naren. She also apologises to Naren for misunderstanding him. Naren learns through Nandini about Vishaka’s decision to elope. He tells Nandini that Vishaka should find a way to convince her parents. Ishwar hears their conversation, shocking both Nandini and Naren.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Naren will visit Nandini’s house. He will request Ishwar and Mani to allow him to speak with Nandini alone. Ishwar and Mani will leave. Naren will say to Nandini that everyone knows the truth. Nandini will point out the differences between both her and Naren’s family. Naren will share with Nandini about his father, Hemraj Ratan Singh. He will also promise Nandini never to hurt her. Nandini will look on.

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