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Sony Entertainment Television’s newly launched show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Nandini accepting Naren’s proposal while Hemraj fixes Naren’s alliance with another girl.

In the previous episode, we saw that Nandini informed Ishwar that they misunderstood Naren, but his intentions were pure all along. Both Naren and Nandini decided to speak with Vishaka’s parents, which Ishwar agreed to. On their way to meet Vishaka’s parents, both Naren and Nandini had a good time. Nandini then tried to convince Vishaka’s parents to approve Vishaka’s relationship with Vineet, but Hitesh remained stubborn. Naren convinced Hitesh to meet Vineet once.

Mani learned Nandini was with Naren, so she scolded Ishwar. Ishwar acted furious with Nandini in front of Mani after he received Nandini’s call. Mani got upset by Ishwar’s behaviour, so she insisted that he bring back Nandini to home. Ishwar obliged. Naren and Nandini went to bring Vishaka and Vineet to meet Vishaka’s parents. Nandini apologised to Naren for her behaviour towards him, but Naren justified her act. Nandini admired Naren.

Nandini and Naren stopped Vishaka and Vineet from leaving Upleta. Nandini informed Vishaka about her parent’s decision to meet her and Vineet, but Vishaka refused to trust her parent’s decision. But Naren advised Vineet, so the latter agreed to meet Vishaka’s parents. Hitesh approved Vishaka’s relationship with Vineet. He also praised Naren and Nandini. Ishwar apologised to Naren, but the latter asked him to bless him.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Naren and Nandini will be seen taking part in a mehendi ceremony. Nandini will tease Naren. Naren and Nandini will get closer to each other. Hemraj will inform his wife about his decision to get Naren married to another girl.

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