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Episode starts with the conversation between Nandini and Vishakha. Vishakha tells her out the incident of Raunak who messed up in the marriage ceremony of Nandini. She also doubts that Jigar has a extra marital affair with Nanny and Rupa knows the relationship of Jigar. Now Nandini could relate this with her own experience. She understands that Rupa has been hiding her traumatization. Nandini couldn’t understand what’s going in the house, why everyone hides their true emotions.

Kinjal becomes totally furious since Hemraj has been forcing to marry in that young age. She yells at her parents for not standing beside her. Though her parents try to make her understand the issue but Kinjal couldn’t accept this. Meanwhile Rahul comes into that room and motivates Kinjal motivates her to take the stand for her. She is requested to raise her voice against talk the uneven and unbiased things of this house.

Nandini tells Rupa that she knows everything about Nanny and Jigar. Rupa couldn’t able to hold her tears and becomes emotional infront of Nandini. Nandini fathoms the tremendous traumatic situation of Rupa and takes her into the room. Chanchala notices them together.

Jigar comes into the room of Raunak and yells at him for blackmailing Dhawal. Snatching the phone of Raunak, Jigar deletes the video. But Raunak proves that he has many copies of the video. Jigar becomes totally screwed up assuming he conspiracies of Rounak. Rounak doesn’t want to take any risk. Since Jigar knows one secret of Raunak, the latter should have a strong prove against Jigar and Dhawal.

Laterz Jigar and Dhawal meet an end that Hemraj still has been investigating the matter of Keshav kanaujiya. Jigar fearsnof Hemraj comes to know that Jigar and Dhawal had laundered the money, her wouldn’t spare them.
Rupa tells Nandini her past life, how she married Raunak.

Nandini comes to know that there is a very rigid tradition of Dehej in the Ratansi house. Hemraj took a huge amount of money and gold as Dahej. Nandini becomes thunderstrucked to know this truth. At first Rupa was very happy when she was engaged with Raunak, but later she comes to know about the relationship of Raunak. In the first night, Rupa came to know about Nanny. Nandini gets a huge shock and she couldn’t believe that Ratansi family deals girls with money. Rupa also comes ito know about other complicated things about this family. Wiping her face Rupa leaves the room leaving Nandini totally speechless. She couldn’t believe that her father in law is such a crooked man.

Episode ends.

Precap : Nandini will come to know that her parents gave a huge amount of dowry to her in law’s house. She will be totally furious and will decide to leave the Ratansi house.

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