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The episode starts with Jalpa questioning Nandini about house help. She then scolds herself for asking such questions to Nandini, who can’t afford it. Nandini tells Jalpa that they aren’t in need of a househelp as there are only 5 people in her house. She also reveals to them that the 5th member in her family is a cow, which is named Surbhi. The Ratansi ladies get impressed. Both Chanchal and Kinjal praise Nandini’s thoughts.

In Rajkot, HemRaj asks Dhaval’s opinion to select a wedding card for Nandini and Naren’s wedding. Dhaval raises a question about his double standard, but HemRaj shuts him up. HemRaj’s lawyer arrives there, so HemRaj leaves the place by asking his brother to select the wedding invitation. Viral keeps himself busy selecting the card of Naren-Nandini’s wedding. Meanwhile, Dhaval and Jigar look upset and angry.

HemRaj informs his lawyer to give the legal papers to Mehul. Also, once Ishwar signs the papers, he asks his lawyer to give it to Arjan Khimji. He also warns him to keep this information confidential, which the lawyer agrees. Meanwhile, Viral selects Naren and Nandini’s wedding invitation. Dhaval vent out his frustration with Viral about HemRaj’s double standard behaviour towards their son and his own son. Viral takes it lightly, but Dhaval remains furious. Jigar fails to calm him down.

In Upleta, Kinjal shows the sarees they chose for Nandini. Nandini gets worried seeing the price tag of it along with both Ishwar and Mani. Chanchal and other’s encourages Nandini to select the saress of her liking. Nandini hesitates. She also shares her worry about the prices of the sarees. Chanchal assures Nandini that the latter will look beautiful wearing any sarees. She also tells her that Nandini should get used to it as she is going to become the daughter-in-law of HemRaj. Nandini and her family look worried.

Jalpa asks Mani to show them the saress they brought for Nandini. Ishwar brings it. Jalpa criticizes it, seeing its price tag. Nandini and her family feel embarrassed. Chanchal manages the situation, saying the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Nandini gets happy and relieved. Mani instructs Nandini to show the Ratansi ladies to her room so Nandini takes them all with her.

Here, HemRaj learns that both Naren and Ronak aren’t in the office. Also, they aren’t answering their calls, so he shouts at Viral. Jigar gets annoyed by HemRaj’s behaviour. Viral gets tensed when Ronak doesn’t answer his calls while Ronak’s girl friend put his phone in a silent mode as Ronak is asleep. Meanwhile, in Upleta, Chanchal and other’s tries jewelleries on Nandini. Jalpa informs the jewelleries price to Nandini, which puts Nandini in a tough spot. Nandini requests Chanchal to give her a nuptial chain with the choice of the latter with love that’s more than enough, but Chanchal refuses, saying Nandini should get used to all this. Naren arrives there, surprising everyone. He tries to get romantic with Nandini in front of everyone. Hetal teases Naren. Naren gets tensed when he receives HemRaj’s call. HemRaj wonders why Naren isn’t answering his calls.

Precap: Nandini’s blunder leads Ishwar to face HemRaj’s wrath.

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 29th March 2024 Written Update: Hemraj asks Ishwar to keep the land deal a secret!