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The episode starts with Mani hearing Nandini’s talk with the cow about how they don’t understand about dowry but only love. Mani tells Nandini that even Surbhi (cow) knows she is wrong. She then asks Nandini to have dinner. Otherwise, Ishwar won’t have it, and so she is. Nandini feeds Ishwar after Mani insists him to have it. She then convinces Mani to have dinner, too. Nandini then goes out to take her of Mehul’s mother. Mani praises her cooking, but Ishwar makes fun of her.

Later, Nandini does foot massage for Mehul’s mother. Mehul gets ready to go out of town. His niece and nephew complain to him about him forgetting to take them to the fair. Nandini informs them that she will take them though which makes the kids happy. Mehul recalls Naren’s words so he gets tensed. He then asks Nandini whether Ishwar is at home? Nandini says yes. Mehul leaves.

Mehul’s mother tells Nandini that she is aware of whatever happened in Vishaka’s house. Nandini asks her to scold her like others too, but she isn’t wrong. Mehul’s mother tells her that she understands her perspective about dowry, but Nandini made a wrong move by expressing her perspective in front of the wrong people. Nandini shares with her about the laws against the dowry system. She also says that as a society, they have to change everything. Mehul’s mother encourages Nandini’s fight, but she also advises Nandini not to act impulsive. Nandini agrees, and then she leaves the place.

Nandini returns home. She tells her family members about her plan to take Montu and Sonu to the fair the next day. Ishwar and Mani inform her about Naren’s interest in getting married to her. Nandini gets shocked. Mani gets worried that Vishaka’s parents are going to misunderstand Nandini. Mitesh takes Nandini’s side, but Mani scolds him. Ishwar and Mani get into an argument. Nandini fumes with anger, so she decides not to spare Naren, and then she goes inside. Mani asks Ishwar to stop Nandini from creating more chaos. Ishwar leaves the place.

The next day, Nandini takes care of Surbhi (cow). Ishwar arrives there with her favourite author book. Nandini gets happy. Ishwar gets upset that he can’t able to help Nandini to get a medical seat in a college. Nandini tells him that she is going to study nursing because her intention is to help the people. She also tells him that she will pay her fees so he doesn’t have to stress about it. She then reminds him about him getting late for his school so Naren leaves.

Later, Naren sees Nandini reading a book in the middle of the forest. Nandini gets shocked seeing him. She confronts Naren for his interest in her, and she scolds him for hurting Vishaka. She then receives a call from Montu and Suman, so she rushes to take them to the fair warning Naren.

In the fair, Nandini thinks that she is hallucinating Naren everywhere. She then gets shocked seeing Naren beside her in a ride, so she instigates the villagers against him for troubling her and then leaves the place. Naren gets beaten up by the villagers. Later, Nandini shares with her family about her encounter with Naren. She gets shocked seeing an injured Naren at her doorstep, so she gets annoyed. Ishwar interrupts, and he reminds Naren that he came here to fix his alliance with Vishaka, then why he is after Nandini now. Naren looks on.

Precap: Nandini gets shocked when she sees Naren is taken by the cops. She then receives a call from Vishaka and looks shocked.

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