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The episode starts with Ishwar intervening Naren by questioning him why he is following. He also requests him to leave them alone because they can’t afford the dowry that he demands. Naren tells Ishwar that he doesn’t want any dowry. Nandini scolds him for changing his colours. Ishwar questions Naren’s intention towards Nandini as she rudely behaved with him. If that’s the case he will apologise to him. Nandini asks Ishwar not to apologise to Naren. She also threatens Naren of filing a police complaint for troubling her. Naren gives his card to Nandini’s family by asking him to contact if they accept his proposal and then leave the place.

Later, Nandini suggests Ishwar that they should file a case against Naren. Mani opposes her decision, saying that they should stay away from the cops and lawyers. Nandini gets upset. She then learns through Mani that Mitesh went out of the house to play cricket. But Nandini realises that Mitesh is planning to attack Naren, so she rushes to stop him. Mani complains about both Nandini and Mitesh.

Nandini reaches the hotel while Mitesh and his friends try to enter the hotel to attack Naren. Meanwhile, Naren hears a doorbell, so he looks on. Here, Nandini finds Mitesh. She scolds him for his plan. She also advises Mitesh and his friends that they should punish Naren in a legal way. Just then, they all see cops arresting Naren. Naren looks at Nandini, and then he goes with the cops. Mitesh asks Nandini if she is the one who filed a complaint against Naren. Nandini says no. She then decides to find out the reason behind Naren’s arrest, so she goes to the police station with Mitesh and his friend.

Nandini and Mitesh reaches the station. Meanwhile, both Ishwar and Mani request the inspector to file a complaint against Naren for troubling Nandini and his family. Naren tries to speak, but the inspector shuts him up. Nandini arrives there. Ishwar tells Nandini that he decides to file a complaint as per her advice. Just then, Hitesh arrives there to file a missing complaint of Vishaka. Nandini and her family get shocked. Nandini receives a call from an unknown number. She answers it and learns it’s Vishaka on the other line who asks her to meet her in the shared location . She requests her not to tell anyone about her whereabout, then she disconnects the call. Nandini leaves with Mitesh to meet Vishaka.

Nandini meets Vishaka. She instructs Mitesh to handle Ishwar’s call, and then she goes with Vishaka. Vishaka introduces her boyfriend Vineet to Nandini. She also shares with Nandini about her parent’s decision not to support her decision, so when Naren visited her, she seeked his help. That’s the reason Naren demanded dowry from her parents. She also tells Nandini that Naren’s feelings for her are true. Nandini advises Vishaka not to elope with Vineet. She then tells Ishwar they should return back their complaint against Naren so she urges him to the station. Ishwar gets confused, but he does as per Nandini’s request. Meanwhile, Sheetal gets shocked learning about Vishaka’s decision to elope through her letter. Here, Naren gets released. Nandini apologises to him. Naren tells Nandini that Vishaka should find a way to convince her parents instead of eloping with Vineet. Ishwar hears their conversation. Nandini and Naren get shocked.

Precap: Nandini shares her worry with Naren about accepting his proposal by reminding him about their status, which has no match, but Naren assures her that he will protect her. Nandini looks on.

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