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The episode starts with Naren reading a riddle, and he gives a wrong answer, so Samta gets upset, but Nandini gives the right answer. She also finds another clue, and both of them go to the terrace, followed by the family members. Naren finds another hint, so he and Nandini rush to Jigar’s room, where Nandini reads a hint of the family members. Naren predicts that they have to find Samta, so he takes Nandini with him. They both see Samta and Viral dancing in the living area, so they join with them along with other family members. Jigar, without anyone’s knowledge, increases the volume of the music system, which HemRaj hears it, so he goes out to confront Viral. Chanchal gets worried. Dhaval questions Jigar for increasing the music volume, to which Jigar says that in order to spice up, they need a drama. HemRaj arrives there. He shouts at his family members to stop the music.

Here, Mitesh reaches Ishwar’s house in Upleta. Ishwar questions Mitesh for returning their home earlier, leaving Nandini alone in the Ratansi’s house. Mitesh calms him down. He assures Ishwar that Nandini is safe and taken good care of by Naren. He also reminds Ishwar about Nandini’s earlier advice to take good care of himself, which he isn’t doing it. Mani also scolds Ishwar for not following the advice of Nandini and not listening to any of them. She then goes to bring food for Ishwar, but she also signs at Ishwar not to tell anything to Ishwar, which Ishwar agrees by signing back at her.

HemRaj shouts at Viral for sleeping during the working hours, and now when everyone is supposed to sleep, he is dancing with a song, which volume is too high. Chanchal reminds HemRaj that Nandini is with them. HemRaj rebukes both Samta and Viral for disturbing the newly wed who is supposed to get rest. Viral tells HemRaj that he has no idea how the volume gets increased, but HemRaj shouts at him. Both Dhaval and Jigar hide their smile, which Hetal notices it but she remains silent. Nandini takes the side of Viral and Samta, so HemRaj shouts at her too, which shocks her. HemRaj then pretends to be concerned about Anusya Baa, so Nandini apologises to him. HemRaj leaves the place. Viral apologises to Nandini, but both Naren and Nandini thank him and Samta for making their wedding night a memorable one. They both then leave. Viral questions Jigar about the music volume. Jigar lies to him.

Hetal confronts Jigar about his actions. She also shares his disappointment with him. Jigar reminds her how she didn’t spend time with him during his childhood at all, then he leaves. Hetal gets sad. Meanwhile, Nandini asks Naren about HemRaj’s anger issues, but Naren distracts her by trying to get romantic with her. He then decides to give some space and time for Nandini. Nandini gets emotional seeing her sketch made by Naren. She falls asleep, which Naren finds it cute. There, Rupa lashes out at Raunak for not only bringing Naini to their house but also spending time with her in Naren’s room. Raunak gets furious at Rupa.

Precap: Raunak throws Rupa out of the room, which Hetal notices it so she decides to take Rupa inside but gets shocked seeing Nandini in front of them.

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Update: Mani gets upset with Ishwar’s decision