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The episode starts with Mani getting upset with their behaviour towards Naren when he visited their house earlier. Mitesh also says how wrong he was, too. Nandini gets shocked seeing Naren entering the house. Naren greets the family members. He apologises to them for visiting their house again and again. He then requests them to allow him to talk with Nandini alone. Mani approves it. She makes up an excuse and leaves from there. Ishwar and Mitesh also leave the house.

Naren tells Nandini that she informed Mehul of everything. Nandini tells him that Mehul told her everything. She then tells him that her perspective about him in the beginning was different. Naren asks, “What’s her perspective now?” As she knows, his true intention is not to avenge her. Nandini tells him that they both are from a totally different background. Naren asks her if she is talking about their financial background, then for him, it doesn’t matter. He also tells her that he likes her a lot, so he asks her to tell him if she has any problem with him. Nandini tells him that she is scared of the dowry and the compromises a girls family has to do to convince a prospective groom and his family. She has already lost people of her own into this societal malpractices. She also tells him that after her mother’s death, it’s both Ishwar and Mani who has taken care of her to date. They both have a land of their own. She doesn’t want them to lose it in order to get her married to his family. Naren praises Nandini for her bravery. He then tells her even he opposes the societal malpractices, and he thought she should have been aware about it after she learned his truth. Nandini tells him that he might oppose dowry, but what about his family members. Naren tells her about his father, Hemraj Ratan Singh, who is an important leader of Rajkot who opposes dowry. Meanwhile, Hemraj attends a wedding. He gives a speech to encourage a new generation who opposes the dowry system. Here, Naren tells Nandini that she is a suitable person to be part of her family members. Nandini recalls Ishwar’s advice, so she looks on.

In Rajkot, Hemraj completes his speech, and then the wedding ceremony takes place. A man comes to meet him. He shows his interest towards Naren to make him his son in law. He tells him his plan to conduct a grand wedding and also his willingness to give dowry too. Hemraj asks him if he is trying to woo him in the name of dowry? The man gets tensed.

Here, Naren encourages Nandini to have trust in his family and accept his family. Meanwhile, the man tells Hemraj whatever he told him that he is planning to do for his daughter for his daughters happiness. Hemraj agrees with the proposal. Here, Nandini accepts Naren’s proposal, which makes Naren happy.

Precap: Nandini and Naren enjoy a mehendi ceremony while Hemraj informs his wife about him finding a prospective bride for Naren.

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Naren flirts with Nandini