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The episode starts with the Vinnet family meeting Vishaka and her family members. Vineet’s father praises Vineet. He also asks Naren if the latter is the one who stopped Vineet from committing a mistake. Nandini says it’s Naren in a proud manner. Mani gets surprised. Both Vishaka and Vineet’s family discuss conducting their wedding. Hitesh shares his wish to conduct Vishaka’s wedding the next day itself. Vineet’s family agrees. Ishwar tells that his family will also help with the wedding arrangements. Mani notices Naren and Nandini’s closeness. She teases their closeness by sharing with Ishwar. Ishwar notices too, but he scolds her. Nandini and Naren stare at each other in a loving way.

Later, Nandini looks happy during Vishaka’s mehendi ceremony. Naren looks at her hand. He sees in her hand that his name is not in it, so he questions her. Nandini signs at him. Then she joins the girls who are dancing there. Naren imagines himself dancing with Nandini. Nandini goes to him. She shows him her hand in which ‘N’ alphabet is written in it with mehendi. She teases Naren, saying ‘N’ for Nandini. Both Nandini and Naren smile at each other.

In Rajkot, Hemraj informs Chanchal about Sujan’s proposal for Naren. He tells her that Sujan is a wealthy person, so Naren’s alliance with the family can settle his life. Chanchal tells her that she will speak with Naren. Here, Nandini and Naren are busy with Vishaka’s wedding arrangements. Naren pretends to get hurt, which worries Nandini. Nandini gets annoyed when the priest tells her about Naren’s pretentious act. So she leaves from there. Naren gets upset with the priest.

Sheetal asks Nandini to help her bring Vishaka’s outfit from the market. Nandini agrees. Meanwhile, the priest gives Nandini’s earring, which has fallen to the ground to Naren, asking him to convince Nandini with it. Naren thanks the priest, then he goes to Nandini. He helps her wear the earring. He then requests her to help him get an outfit for Vishaka and Vineet’s wedding. Nandini agrees. She takes Naren with her to the market.

Here, Mehul reaches Vishaka’s house. He shares his happiness with Hitesh. Also, he is surprised learning about the turn of events. Meanwhile, Nandini sees Naren haven’t selected his outfit yet. Naren seeks help from Nandini. Nandini helps him buy an outfit. They both then go to Vishaka’s house. Mehul and Mitesh apologise to Naren for misunderstanding his intentions. Naren encourages them to take part in Vishaka’s marriage as he has no hard feelings for them. Mehul and Mitesh get happy.

Vineet requests Naren to be his best man at the last minute. Naren hesitates, but he agrees. He informs Mehul about Vineet’s request, and then he leaves. Both Mehul and Mani praise Naren. Later, Nandini gets confused, not seeing Naren, which leads Vishaka to tease her. Nandini gets shocked seeing Naren with the groom’s family, so she makes faces. Naren and Nandini happily take part in Vishaka and Vineet’s wedding. A lady looks upset. She shouts stop which shocks and confuses everyone.

Precap: A lady demands Vishaka to cover her face as per the tradition. Otherwise, she won’t let the marriage take place. Nandini questions the lady’s demand, which upsets the lady, so she shouts at Nandini.

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 26th February 2024 Written Update: Nandini gets emotional in front of Naren