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Episode starts with, Chanchal telling Baa that they can go to Opleta to meet Nandini and their family. Baa says that they must do this to check what kind of environment they stay in. Hemraj calls Ishwar and informs about his family visiting their house the next day for selecting jewellery and a saree for the wedding. He also talks about the land issue and asks him to keep it a secret. Hemraj says that he would send the papers for his signature to the office to which Ishwar agrees.

Nandini shows her wedding clothes to her family and rejoices. She sees a paneekar and asks her brother to return it since this has come by mistake but Nandini’s mami says that there hasn’t been a mistake since she had seen her face light up seeing this at the shop. They get emotional and say that they have been able to do so little for her so this is nothing. Ishwar informs them that the Ratansi’s are going to visit their place the next day. They all panic and get started with the preparations. Mitesh helps Nandini.

Nandini starts cleaning up the house and makes a video call to Naren while standing on a staircase for cleaning the fan. He shows her a portrait of her that he painted for her. She says it’s even prettier than her. Listening to his romantic conversation, Nandini asks Naren to write down a novel. Naren says that in the next twenty five days, she will be his forever. She feels emotional after hearing this and says she would be missing this house ├ánd her family so much. Naren says that it won’t happen since he would bring her to Upleta. Mitesh comes back and mocks Nandini so she hangs up the call.

Next morning while Nandini cleans the house the Ratansi arrive at their house. Without noticing them she spills water from the bucket near the entrance of the house to do the cleaning. All of them get awkward and Nandini gets shocked seeing them. She apologises for the water. Then she seeks Chanchal and the elder’s blessing. Nandini’s mami and Ishwar welcome them. Nandini goes inside to get ready and change. Jalpa keeps on mocking them every now and then but Nandini’s family handles the situation.

Nandini gets ready and comes in with a tray of snacks and sweets for them. She gels up well with Naren’s sister. She asks Nandini how she knows everything about them so accurately. She says that Naren told her everything in detail about them all. Jalpa aska Nandini if they have servants at home or she does the chores all by herself then she says she is mistaken since they can’t keep servants in a mocking tone. Episode ends .

Precap : Hemraj would be seen scolding Ishwar for mishandling the land documents.

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 28th March 2024 Written Update: Ronak hurts, Rupa