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Episode starts with the suggestion of Jalpa who asks Nandini to enjoy their new married life. When Jalpa mentions the misunderstanding about Rupa’s married life, Samta stops her intentionally. Nandini couldn’t understand why Rupa always seems so worried all the time. Coming into her own room, Nandini reminds that she saw the necklace in the hand of Rupa. She becomes more doubtful about Rupa.

On the other hand, Jigar blames Rupa that she has accused Naini as a crooked girl who has been spoiling the kind of Jigar. Rupa assures that she didn’t say anything that Naini would get hurt. At the same time, Nandini comes into their time and asks sometime from Rupa. After while Rupa comes to Nandini, and asks whether she has something to say. Nandini wants to return Rupa the necklace since she has seen the box in the hand of Rupa but the latter denies to take it giving some false excuses.

Finally, Nandini and Naren are about to leave for their honeymoon trip to Goya. The whole family bid adieu to them and wishes them the best for their happy married life. When they just decide to leave, Dhaval has informed Hemraj bthat their business has suffered a big loss, one of their customers has eloped with lots of money. Everyone becomes very shocked learning this fact. Hemraj has become very puzzled. Naren decides to cancel the honeymo trip but Hemraj promises that he would take care of the whole matter and insists Naren to catch the flight.

When Naren and Nandini leave for their trip, Jalpa mentions that Nandini has brought the misfortune in their house. Since Nandini has come home as their daughter in law, all the mishaps are occurring simultaneously. Jalpa criticizes the presence of Nandini. At the same time, Nandini comes there and overhears their conversation. She gets very hurt.

Everyone gets surprised to see her in the house and asks why they did cancel the trip. Nandini explains Naren decided to stand beside his father and has reached in the office. Bandini couldn’t able to hole her tears and runs to her own room. She breaks down in tears. Rupa comes to console her. Seeing the worried face of Rupa, Nandini asks her why she remains always worried. Rupa makes some false excuses and leaves for the kitchen.

Coming into the office, Naren starts the investigation and finds out the mistake going through all the files. Hemraj feels proud seeing the dedication of his son. Later, Naren apologies to Nandini since he has cancelled the honeymoon trip.

Episode ends.

Precap : Hemraj will claim that Naren has changed very much. The whole family will become very tensed since they will fail to contact with Naren from the last four hours.

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