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Episode starts with Chanchal who asks her son Naren to take Nandini out for the dinner. Nandini and Naren reach in a grand hotel but some mischievous girls and boys taunt them seeing their attire since they have wear salwar and suit. The boys also pass comment on them. Naren protests and raises his voice. Angrily Naren leaves the restaurant but those crooked boys also follow them. They try to snatch their mobile phones, somehow they save themselves and hide in a factory. Those goons fail to find out them.

Dhaval and Jigar discuss about their conspiration. Jigar asks his father how and why he lied Hemraj about the money laundering case. Dhaval explains that he got the whole amount from the customer but he lied to Hemraj that he didn’t get any money from the customer. The customer already eloped with money and he doesn’t have any proof that he has already given the money.

Meanwhile, Deven calls twice to Naren and Nandini both he couldn’t able to connect with them since the goons have broken their phones. On the other hand, Nandini gets panicked being chased by the goon, she starts crying. Though they are safe but and Nandini becomes emotional, she also thanks Naren for protecting her. Naren suggests Nandini to stay the night in the outside of the hotel otherwise they might face any other difficulties.

Naren brings Nandini in a dark room but it’s completely safe. Nandini lies down on his shoulder. Naren tries to calm her down. They both decide to stay in the dark room to hide themselves.

Deven gets a call from the hotel, and they inform that Nandini and Naren both haven’t reached the hotel. Deven becomes freaked out getting no response from the Nandini and Naren’s call. He informs Jigar that Nandini and Naren are responding and they have not even checked in the hotel. Though Deven forbids Jigar to inform Hemraj about this matter but to make the drama in the drama Jigar and Jalpa both make a scene waking up everyone of the Ratansi family. In the morning, Nandini and Naren both try to run from that room but they are caught by the guard of that house. They think Nandini and Naren were trying to steal things. They inform the police station and they are harrassed by the police officers.

Episode ends.

Precap : Hemraj will bring a marriage proposal for Kinjal which will surprise the whole house.

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