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Epsiode starts with Chanchal who prays to God for her child Naren since he has not returned home yet. Meanwhile Hemraj gets a call from Police station, and gets the information that Naren and Nandini are kept in the police station. On the other hand, Naren and Nandini are harrassed by the police officers, the owner of that factory claims that Naren and Nandini tried to steal their company.

Following the false accusation, the police officer locks Naren and Nandini in the prison. After a while, Hemraj comes into the police station and requests the police officer to leave them. Through the connection of MLA, Hemraj finally frees his son and daughter-in-law. Hemraj feels very insulted by thiswhole process. He couldn’t able to process that his respect has been washed away for his son and daughter in law. Coming into the home, Hemraj lashes out Naren and nandini. Being perplexed, Hemraj asks him the question but Naren couldn’t say anything. Jalpa makes the scene more complex and says Nandini is inauspicious for this home.

When Nandini comes into her own room, she feels very down and breaks down in tears. Naren calms her down and cheers her up. He also suggests Nandini to call her parents so that they would get the news. Naren assures that they are okay. Nandini’s mother wants to talk with Nandini but the latter doesn’t want to talk with her mom. Naren forbids Nandini shedding tears.

Hetal also cheers up Nandini when she is seen down. Nandini and Naren both are asked enjoy their day and Hetal suggests them to go to the movie hall. As soon as they proceed to the main gate, they are stopped by Hemraj. Hemraj asks them both to visit the police station for once.

Coming to the police station, Naren and Nandini both identity the criminals who harassed them before the night. Naren comes to know that Hemraj lodged a file in the police station. When they return home, a reputed business comes into their home, and requests Hemraj to withdraw the case since one of them is his nephew. But Hemraj strictly forbids that he won’t do any favour for those criminals.

Later, Raunak blackmails his uncle and asks one crore rupees from him. He comes to know that Dhaval has laundered all the money which Keshav returned Hemraj.

Episode ends.

Precap : Nandini will come to know that her parents gave a huge amount of dowry to her in law’s house.

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