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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on the complications of the Ratansi family.

In the current episode, Naren takes Nandini for the dinner, bhyvin the restaurant few boys pass comment on them. Naren protests and raises his voice. Angrily Naren leaves the restaurant but those crooked boys also follow them. Nandini gets panicked being chased by the goon. Hiding themselves, Naren suggests Nandini to stay the night in the outside of the hotel otherwise they might face any other difficulties.
Naren brings Nandini in a dark room but it’s completely safe. Naren tries to calm her down. They both decide to stay in the dark room to hide themselves.

Deven calls twice to Naren and Nandini both he couldn’t able to connect with them since the goons have broken their phones. Though Deven forbids Jigar to inform Hemraj about this matter but to make the drama in the drama Jigar and Jalpa both make a scene waking up everyone of the Ratansi family.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Hemraj will bring a marriage proposal for Kinjal which will surprise the whole house. Nandini will raise a question why Kinjal should get marry in this young age.

What will Nandini do now?

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