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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on the complications of the Ratansi family.

In the current episode, Hemraj comes into the police station and requests the police officer to leave them. Through the connection of MLA, Hemraj finally frees his son and daughter-in-law. Hemraj feels very insulted by thiswhole process.

After few hours, Hemraj asks Naren and Nandini both to visit the police station for once. Coming to the police station, Naren and Nandini both identity the criminals who harassed them before the night. Naren comes to know that Hemraj lodged a file in the police station.

Later, Raunak blackmails his uncle and asks one crore rupees from him. He comes to know that Dhaval has laundered all the money which Keshav returned Hemraj.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Hemraj will bring a marriage proposal for Kinjal which will surprise the whole house. Nandini will raise a question why Kinjal should get marry in this young age. Nandini will come to know that her parents gave a huge amount of dowry to her in law’s house.

What will Nandini do now?

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