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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aise Hai is currently focusing on Nandini’s act upsetting Chanchal.

In the previous episode, we saw that Nandini shared her worries with Naren about the expensive things Chanchal chose for her. But Naren convinced her to accept it. Jalpa praised the cooking skills of Nandini. Parvati shared with Nandini’s family and the Ratansi’s about the birth of her grandson. She also talked about the difficulties of raising a girl child. Nandini took a stand against Parvati’s statement, which made both Hetal and Kinjal happy.

HemRaj scolded Naren for his ignorant behaviour, so Naren apologised to him. Chanchal shared with Naren about Nandini’s act because of which she was upset, but Naren took Nandini’s side, saying it was necessary. Ishwar shared his fear with Mehul about Nandini’s reaction after she learned HemRaj’s dowry demand.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Mehul will get shocked to see that the cow is about to have the legal paper related to the land. He will snatch it from both Nandini and the cow. He will get upset, realising the paper has torn, so he will question Nandini. Nandini will explain to him about her attempt to read the paper as she was curious, but just the Mani called her, so she left the paper there. In that time, the cow has eaten the paper. She will apologize to both Ishwar and Mehul.

HemRaj will get shocked and angry, learning what happened through Ishwar. He will ask Ishwar how Nandini can be so careless like this. After all, she is going to become a daughter-in-law of the Ratansi’s. He will also shout at Ishwar for leaving this important paper for anyone to read it. Ishwar will look on.

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