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Episode begins with Rehan marries Priya. Priya sees Rehan’s face and thinks this is what she expected from him and she knows that he can’t see his sister sad that’s why she planned all this so he can think that she is planning to marry Mohit and to fail her plan he will decide to marry her. She recalls how she put her duppata in Mohit’s room deliberately and thinks she trapped him and now she is going to live with him in his house and he can’t escape from her. Priest tells the couple’s to take elders blessings. Pam shocks seeing Priya as bride and asks what’s happening here and where is Sowmya. She scolds her for taking Sowmya’s place and says they should call the Police.

Rageshwari says they should let Priya speak. Shashank says Priya crossed her limits by marrying Mohit. Pam says she won’t accept this marriage and says Priya is such a cunning girl and says she is not Mohit’s wife. Rehan says Pam is right and says Priya is his wife and removes the veil. Everyone shocks seeing Rehan as groom. Pam says she is going to become mad and asks where is Mohit now. Shashank asks what’s happening here and says if Rehan knows Priya is bride then why he didn’t stopped her. Pam asks him that why he married this liar. Rehan says he married Priya for Sowmya.

Sowmya comes there. Pam notices bruises on Sowmya’s hand and asks who did this with her. Sowmya says Priya is responsible for all this and asks Rehan that why he married Priya. Shashank and Pam scolds Priya for hurting Sowmya. Rehan says Priya won’t go anywhere and says she has to live in front of him as his wife and now she can’t harm his family. Sowmya asks about Mohit. They learns that Mohit is missing and wonders where he went.

Aru and Mini meets Anonymous leader and informs about Rehan and Priya’s marriage and they leaves from there. Anonymous leader reveals her face and it’s turn out to be Sowmya. She turn into eagle and comes back to human form and says she would have got Adisaat’s powers that day but Priya spoiled her plan and says her stupid sister Mini thinks Priya is ghost. She says she just wants evil powers and she will get them no matter what.

Priya thinks she will get her revenge. Rehan thinks he won’t leave the person who tries to harm his sister. Sowmya sees them together and thinks Rehan doesn’t remember what he did with Priya because he was in Adisaat form that day. She says Mohit was just time pass for her and now Priya is here to take revenge so she can use this chance. Aru and Ruhi badmouths about Priya. Ruhi says Priya backstabbed them. Rageshwari tells them to stop talking like this and takes stand for Priya. Siddharth tells her to calm down.

Rehan asks how can Priya do this with Sowmya. She says he need not to lecture her and says he should look at himself before blaming her. She waits for him to attack her so she can kill him. He gets angry but controls his anger. Pam tells Rehan that still there is no news about Mohit and leaves from there. Priya talks to herself saying she doesn’t know how she is going to share a room with him. He hears her and breaks the bed in two pieces and says he also don’t want to see her face.

Next day, Rehan wakes up. Priya scolds him for coming to her side. Rageshwari tells Siddharth that she is going to meet her daughter. Aru asks why she have two bags. Ruhi asks why she brought gift for Priya. Rageshwari leaves from there. Aru and Ruhi tells Siddharth that Rageshwari’s behaviour towards Priya changed suddenly.Priya and Rehan argues with each other for mirror. She thinks she can’t believe that innocent Sowmya is his sister. He thinks to cheer Sowmya. Both decides to make food for Sowmya.

Pam says she knows that Rageshwari will come to meet her daughter. Swati and Arnav takes Rageshwari’s blessings. Priya goes to Sowmya’s room with food and apologize to her for hurting her and says she deserves a better guy than Mohit. Sowmya refuses to listen her. Rehan overhears their conversation. Sowmya brings Priya to hall and tells her to leave the house. Priya says Sowmya misunderstood her. Pam talks about Priya’s upbringing. Rageshwari says now Priya is Pam’s daughter in law and asks her to forget the past. Sowmya says she will throw Priya out of the house and no one should stop her. Arnav stops Sowmya. Priya cries recalling Pam’s words and it affects Rehan. He wonders what’s happening with him and breaks the mirror and says her tears can’t affect him.

Pam shows her powers to Sowmya and says they should have killed Rehan when he became Adisaat. Sowmya says that day Priya was with him and she is sure that he killed her but now she is alive means she has special powers and she came for revenge so let her kill Rehan first then they can kill Priya. Hearing Shashank’s voice Pam turned into eagle and leaves the house. Rageshwari calls Priya but Rehan hears the mobile tone and moves towards the mobile.

Episode ends.