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Episode begins with Rageshwari calls Priya and asks her to meet her. Priya notices Rehan and disconnects the call without saying anything. Rageshwari gets worried for her. Priya message her which states Rehan is in front of her that’s why she didn’t said anything and says she will meet her. She leaves the room and Rehan wonders where is she going now. She notices Sowmya moving towards her so to hide from her she turned into snake form. Rehan comes out of the room and thinks she went out of the room just now only then how she disappeared. Sowmya asks Rehan that whom he is searching and asks where he went. She takes him from there saying she has something to talk to him. Priya turned into human form and thinks why Sowmya talked to Rehan like this and wonders does she know the truth of him. She decides to meet Rageshwari first and leaves from there.

Rageshwari tells Priya that she saw how Rehan’s family treated her and she could not do anything for her and tells her to leave the house. Priya says she knows that Rageshwari is worried for her but that family won’t hurt her instead Rehan is dangerous for that family and they doesn’t know that he is Adisaat. She says even though she had powers still he killed her easily. Rageshwari says she feels Rehan never uses his powers without thinking and he won’t hurt his family. She says she can’t lose her again and Rehan is dangerous for Priya only. Priya says she won’t leave that house without killing Rehan and says she needs her support in this fight. She notices the gift bag and asks what is this. Rageshwari says she brought this for her and gives it to her. She asks how Priya going to kill Rehan because her poison is not enough to kill him. Priya says she knows that that’s why she is trying to find out his weakness. Rageshwari tells her to take care of.

Sowmya says Rehan behaved strangely and he seemed upset too. He says he is upset. She asks him to tell the truth to her then only she can protect him. He says it’s his job to protect her which he failed to do and says he could not do anything when Priya snatched her happiness. She says she knows that he hates Priya and can’t tolerate her in the house for a second also. He says this time problem is different and says he is not able to see Priya’s sad face and says her tears affecting him and he is understanding what’s happening with him.

Sowmya tells about it to Pam. Pam says she understood what’s happening and it’s not good for them. She recalls how she got to know that Rehan has powers when he was child and made Shashank adopt him. She tells Sowmya that she was about to snatch all powers from Rehan on full moon day but Priya spoiled her plan. Sowmya says she never saw Rehan like this. Pam says they has to use Priya against Rehan.

Priya says she want to know how much her poison affects Rehan and her poison did nothing to him. Mini gets message from Anonymous leader and she tells Aru that their leader asks them to bring Priya. Priya mixes ganga river water in his bath tub thinking it’s purity may affect Rehan. He asks her to open the bathroom door saying he has to bath. He enters the bathroom and she waits for his reaction. He pleads her to help him. She says she is busy and was about to leave from there but he drags her inside and opens the shower. Both drenches completely. She scolds him and comes out of the bathroom. Mini and Aru sees her. Rehan also comes out of the bathroom. They shocks seeing that and says they has to leave for shopping and tells Priya to get ready.

Rehan warns Priya to not do anything against his family. She says he can’t control her. He pours water on her. Mini, Aru comes there and shocks seeing Priya’s condition. Mini tells Aru that they failed to fulfill the task. Sowmya sends one note to Priya using her powers. Priya thinks Aru wants to meet her near jungle and leaves the house to meet her. She reaches jungle and shocks seeing Rageshwari there. Rageshwari tells her to stay alert and dies. Priya cries seeing her. Sowmya scolds Pam for killing Rageshwari without any reason. She says they doesn’t know about Priya’s powers yet and says Pam did mistake by killing Rageshwari. Pam says she knows what she did. She goes to Rehan who was sleeping.

Episode ends.