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Episode begins with Siddharth searches Rageshwari and shocks seeing her laying unconscious. He cries and tells his daughters to call the Doctor. Swati says Rageshwari is dead. Priya sees that hiding from them. Rehan realises that Priya is missing and thinks she went to meet Mohit and she is going to regret for that. Priya apologize to Rageshwari and says she will get revenge for her death. Rehan says still Priya wants Mohit but he won’t let her betray Sowmya again.

Priya comes there. Rehan says seems like Mohit didn’t came to meet her and taunts saying she deserves this only. She says he knows nothing about her so he should not say anything. She says he is shameless and she knows that he is not human but devil. He loses his control hearing her and she leaves from there. Mini comes there informs him about Rageshwari’s death. Rehan shocks hearing her and recalls Priya’s sad face.

Pam was crying seeing Rageshwari’s dead body. Sowmya asks her to control herself saying if she was like this then who will console others. Priya was standing there alone. Rehan says he doesn’t know the depth of the bonding she shared with Rageshwari but he can feel that Rageshwari was like a mother to her and consoles her. She cries without saying anything and her tears affects him so he leaves from there.

Pam asks Sowmya that why Priya didn’t kill Rehan yet. Sowmya tells Pam to act saying Rehan coming towards them. Rehan leaves from there. Priya notices one bracelet and tries to find the person who was wearing that bracelet because she saw that bracelet near Rageshwari too. She shocks seeing Sowmya wearing that bracelet .

Pam recalls how she attacked Rageshwari and Rageshwari asked why Pam attacking her. Pam says because of Priya she is going to die now and kills her. She thinks Priya knows about her bracelet so instead of killing Adisaat she is trying to find the owner of the bracelet so she makes Sowmya wear that bracelet without telling anything to her. She thinks she just want Rehan and Priya’s powers so for that she is even ready to sacrifice Sowmya. Sowmya asks Priya that why she is staring her like this. Priya thinks it can’t be coincidence that Sowmya also has the same bracelet so what if she knows the relationship of her and Rageshwari so to hurt her she killed Rageshwari.

Rehan learns that Mohit is in touch with Shashank. Shashank asks Rehan to not blame Mohit because Sowmya is wrong here. Rehan asks him to not talk about Sowmya like this. Shashank says Mohit send these proof to him and shows it to Rehan and says Sowmya has lot of criminal records and this is what she was doing in London. He says he already checked these documents and Mohit was right about her.

Priya learns about anonymous leader from Mini and Aru. Arnav and Pam consoles Swati. Police inspector comes there to investigate Rageshwari’s death case. Priya says culprit is here only and says it’s Sowmya who killed Rageshwari and says she got bracelet near Rageshwari and Sowmya has the second half of that bracelet. Police inspector says they has to arrest Sowmya to investigate her. Rehan defends Sowmya saying his sister can’t do like that. Pam blames Priya. Shashank asks Police inspector to do his job.

Sowmya tries to escape from there but Priya catch her. Police was about to arrest Sowmya but she turns into eagle. Everyone shocks seeing that. Sowmya turns into her human form again and says this is her truth and threatens to kill them if they tried to catch her then. Sowmya tries to escape again and Priya follows her and attacks her. She wonders what kind of power Priya has that she is not able to attack her. Rehan knocks the door and asks Priya to leave Sowmya. Priya turns into snake. Pam and Rehan shocks seeing that. Rehan comes inside the room and asks Priya to leave Sowmya. Priya asks Sowmya that why she killed Rageshwari. Pam thinks Sowmya should not tell anything about her. Sowmya says she didn’t kill anyone. Rehan asks Sowmya to tell the truth and says he won’t let anything happen to her. Sowmya struggles to breathe and dies. Rehan says Priya killed Sowmya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pam decides to get powers from Rehan.