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Episode begins with Mini waits for Anonymous team leader and she gets afraid seeing one person’s shadow. That person comes in front her and gives one packet to her and leaves from there. She goes to Aru and drags her from the party. Couple dance begins. Mini tells Aru that she got packet from Anonymous team leader and says their leader even gave instructions. Mohit was dancing with Sowmya but stares Priya and goes to her and asks why she is standing alone and asks her for dance. She denies first later agrees to dance with him.

Rehan sees them dancing together and Tina comes there and says she forgave him and she is giving another chance to him. He asks why she is giving another chance to him. She says his girlfriend dancing with Mohit so she will dance with him. Priya feels uncomfortable while dancing and hits Mohit then apologize to him saying by mistake it happened. Sowmya who came there says it happens while dancing.

Rehan goes to Priya and Tina comes there and asks him to dance with her. Priya says she doesn’t share her boyfriend with anyone and asks him to dance with her. They goes to the dance floor. Rageshwari wonders what’s happening and thinks she has to stop all this. Priya was about to touch Rehan and he thinks he should not let her touch him because he doesn’t know what will happen and dances with her without touching her and doesn’t let her touch him too.

Mini drops the bottle by mistake and she and Aru follows the lead to find the ghost. Light goes off. Sowmya tells Mohit that Priya and Rehan danced together really well. Siddharth asks Swati about Rageshwari. Swati says she didn’t saw her. Rehan tells Priya to not break any antique things because his mother loves them so much. Shashank asks Rehan to check the main switch.

Rageshwari puts something in Priya’s bag. Mohit comes to help Priya with his lighter but she avoids him. Rageshwari collides with Siddharth, he asks where she went. She says she felt suffocated so went out to get fresh air. Mini apologize to Aru for dropping the packet. Rageshwari says she is feeling better and now they should fix the engagement date. Pam says she ordered designer cloth for Swati. Rageshwari says she brought gifts for Arnav and Swati and asks for her bag. She says the necklace is missing. Siddharth says he will check his daughter’s bag. Sowmya takes Priya’s bag and finds the necklace there. Priya says she doesn’t know how it came to her bag. Rageshwari scolds Priya and accuses her. Priya says she is not thief and cries. Siddharth tries to stop Rageshwari.

Rehan says if Priya says she doesn’t know then she doesn’t know and says they should check CCTV footage. Pam says thief can’t escape now. They plays the CCTV footage and everyone sees that someone putting the necklace on that bag. Priya notices Rageshwari’s ring. Siddharth says Rageshwari should apologize to Priya. Rageshwari says she just reacted based on what she saw and thanks Rehan for clearing her misunderstanding.

Priya confronts Rageshwari. Rageshwari says Priya is just a stranger and why she will try to do anything with her. Priya says she is not understanding why Rageshwari behaving with her like this and says she knows that it was Rageshwari who put the necklace in her bag and asks her that why she is doing all this. Rageshwari says she is doing all this to protect her only and says her life is in danger and she is just warning her. Priya asks why she should believe her. Rageshwari says she cares about her. Priya says she is an orphan and no one cares about her even if she dies. Rageshwari says it matters for her because Priya is her daughter. Priya asks about her father. Rageshwari says he was angel and he can’t return to this world again. Priya asks why she feels that her life is in danger.

Priya says she won’t reveal the truth to anyone and decides to not leave the house. She says Rageshwari may not like her staying in this house but she can’t stay away from her mother anymore. Rageshwari says she is not afraid of this society or her family but she wanted to protect Priya’s life that’s why she stayed away from her till now. She says she can’t accept Priya as her daughter and Rehan is danger for her daughter.

Priya decides to thank Rehan and leaves the house. Sowmya asks who would have put that necklace in Priya’s bag. Arnav tells Sowmya to leave the necklace matter and says they should play any game now. Rehan was about to leave but Swati stops him and asks him to join them. Mini wonders how to ask Anonymous team leader to help them to find the ghost. Sowmya asks Rehan to complete the dare. Arnav tells him to dance on Naagin dance. The powder which Anonymous team leader gave to Mini fell on Rehan and his form changes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rehan loses his control and was about to bite Priya.