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Episode begins with Priya says she just wanted to know the truth from Sowmya and says she didn’t kill her. Rehan says Priya deliberately killed Sowmya. Pam recalls how she killed Sowmya using her powers when Rehan was holding her just to save herself. Pam cries seeing Sowmya’s dead body and badmouth about Priya and tells her to leave the house. She asks Rehan to support her this time and tells him to throw Priya out of the house.

Priya says they need not to do anything because she decided to leave the house and says she didn’t kill Sowmya for sure. She says she came to this city to find her family and says she learned that everything is temporary in this world and moves towards her room. Pam thinks she won’t let Priya go and decides to follow her later.

Priya goes to her room to take her stuff. Rehan asks why she killed Sowmya. She says she is not afraid of him and says she won’t bend in front of him too and says she didn’t kill Sowmya and says Rageshwari was her mother. He shocks hearing her. She says Rageshwari gave rebirth to her. He asks what is she saying.

She says he killed her on full moon day and says that day Rageshwari saved her life but now she lost her mother so she won’t stay here and she doesn’t even want to take revenge also that’s why she decided to leave this place permanently.

Priya was packing her clothes. Aru comes there. Priya says Aru was right about her. Aru says she is glad that Priya revealed Rageshwari’s murderer.Mini who came there says she is not even understanding what’s happening here. Priya consoles them. Mini cries saying she doesn’t even know she is human being or not.Priya leaves the house. She and Rehan recalls the moments they shared with each other. She apologize to Rageshwari for not staying beside her on her last moments.

Pam tells Rehan that now she doesn’t want to live. Rehan apologize to her for not saving Sowmya. She says he would have thought that she loves his siblings more but that’s not true and says his life too destroyed now but she can’t do anything. He says he doesn’t care about his life now and hugs her. She makes him unconscious saying he has to die now and says she is his death not his mother. Priya feels pain in her neck and wonders why it’s paining now. She says she won’t stop because she has nothing to do in this place. She falls down and feels dizzy too and wonders why she is seeing weird things and returns.

Arnav tells Shashank that Swati went to her house and asks about Pam. Pam drags the unconscious Rehan and says she also knows Rehan’s truth that’s why she told Shashank to adopt him. She says today Adisaat will die and she will get all of his powers. Arnav, Mini and Shashank faints. Aru shocks seeing their condition. Priya comes there and says seems like some evil power did this and she suspects Rehan. Mini regains her consciousness and shows her mobile to them. Priya sees the recording of recent incident.

Pam ties Rehan using her powers and says he should not die now. She confesses that she is the one who killed Sowmya and says tonight she is going to get his powers. He struggles to escape. Priya asks how Pam got this much power to control Adisaat. She leaves to save Rehan. She realises that Pam is devil and planning to kill Rehan to get his powers.

Pam says Priya can’t stop her today and kills Adisaat. Priya gets worried seeing Rehan. Pam says now she got Adisaat’s powers so now no one can stop her and leaves from there. Priya sees a symbol like her birth mark.

Priya gets one magic flower and says this one has Shivji’s blessings and puts that flower on Rehan saying this flower can give life to him. Rehan wakes up. Priya says now they has to kill Pam. Pam turns around and says she got Adisaat’s power so they can’t kill her. Aru comes there and says Adisaat can get his powers back but Pam should not leave this cave.

Priya says she will stop Pam. Rehan says he lost Adisaat’s powers but he is eagle and Adi naagin’s son so he still has powers. Priya and Rehan attacks Pam. Pam dies and Rehan gets his powers. Rehan tells Priya that he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. She says life gave second chance to them and confesses her love to him. He says he too loves her. Family joins them and teases them.

The End.