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Episode begins with Rageshwari says she will kill everyone using the power she got from Priya’s father if that unknown person doesn’t save Priya then. She doesn’t get any response so decides to use that power but stops hearing some sound. Mohit tries to talk to Arnav but he says he has to go to find Rehan. Mohit says he just stopped him to inform that he is leaving for now and will talk to Sowmya after few days and was about to leave from there but Arnav stops him and says Mohit is afraid to face Rehan that’s why he is leaving. He asks how can he betray them like this and says if he had any problem with Sowmya then he should have informed her alone or should have informed him and he would have handled the issue but he drank a lot of alcohol and waited for guests then made fun of them in front of everyone. Mohit tries to explain his situation but Arnav refuses to listen him and they sees Rehan.

That voice asks Rageshwari that does she even know what is she asking and says she is trying to change the fate. She says her daughter doesn’t deserve to die now. He says Priya died with Adishaat’s poison and now only poison can save her. She asks him to give the poison to Priya. He says after reborn Priya won’t be the same person and she has to accept the consequences too and says she was one Angel’s daughter but that will change after her rebirth. She asks can her daughter fight against Adishaat to get revenge. He says that’s possible because she will become strong too and it’s depends on her how she is going to use her powers. She tells him to give that poison to Priya.

Rehan asks Mohit to not act like a fool and says he and Sowmya made for each other and tells him to apologize to her and he knows that she will forgive him and asks him to do engagement with her. Mohit says Rehan can’t force him and says his heart wants Priya only and asks him about her. Rehan says she won’t return now. Mohit says Rehan is not understanding what he is saying. Rehan uses his power and everyone stands like a statue and he shows his real form to Mohit and says his sister is his life and he won’t let him spoil her life and asks him to do engagement with her. He nods at him in fear and everyone becomes normal and feels happy with Mohit’s answer.

Snake says Rageshwari called him to save Priya’s life and says poison will give new life to Priya. He calls Shivanya, Sivangi , Bela, Brinda and Bani. Everyone comes there in their snake form and bites Priya then leaves from there. Rageshwari asks Priya to open her eyes and Priya wakes up and Rageshwari gets relieved seeing that. She apologize to Priya for not protecting her from Rehan. Priya says she remembers what Rehan did with her and she will get revenge for killing her. Rageshwari says Priya got powers from those snakes but they doesn’t know she can fight against Rehan or not so they has to wait for right time. Siddharth calls Rajeshwari and Priya tells her to go saying she wants to stay alone for some time.

Rehan recalls how Priya agreed to help him then how she backstabbed him and how she tried to say something to him in forest and wonders where she went now. Priya turn into her snake form and comes to Rehan’s room. She says she will get her revenge and says he did everything for his sister so she is going to change the game now. He doesn’t able to see anyone but gets some strange feeling.

Sowmya tells Swati’s family that Mohit pranked her and he even proposed her later. Arnav says Mohit gave heart attack to everyone just because he wanted to propose Sowmya. Everyone talks about Priya. Ragesjwari tells them to talk about new couple. Mohit tells Rehan that he won’t see anyone else except Sowmya. Aru and Mini discuss about Priya and their Anonymous leader and decides to concentrate on their family instead of ghosts.

Rehan feels like he saw Priya and searches her in the house and wonders where she went now. Siddharth wonders why Priya went without informing anyone. Rageshwari goes out and gives food to Priya. She says Priya facing so much already in her life but everyone badmouthing her. Priya says she got her mother so she doesn’t care what others saying about her. Rageshwari says Priya should be careful because Rehan has so much powers. Priya says she just hate him and he has no idea what going to happen in his life. Youngsters were practicing for dance performance.

Rehan feels Priya is there only and says he can hear her breathe. Priya meets Mohit in his room. He tells her to go from there but she says she saw love for her in his eyes and he still loves her. She asks why he agreed to marry Sowmya. He says he doesn’t have any other choice so she says if he really loves her then he has to do what she tells him to do. He agrees with her. Rehan comes there and asks Mohit that with whom he was talking to. Mohit lies to him. Rehan takes Priya’s duppata from there and tries to hide it from Sowmya but she notices that says it’s Priya’s duppata and asks about Priya. He says he is not sure but feels like Priya returned and asks Sowmya to concentrate on her marriage saying he will handle everything.

Episode ends.