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In the upcoming episode of star plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Varun will invite Mishti, Abir, Kuhu and Ketki home for lunch. Mishti will tease Varun and later bring cold coffee for all. Nidhi ask if Mishti herself made cold coffee and say  otherwise if Kuhu had made they don’t know what she would mix this time. Abir will crack joke to divert awkward situation. Kuhu will deny invite as she has lot of wedding work as a wedding planner.

Mishti will assure Abir she is fine and trying to move on. They arrive at Varun house with Ketki. Abir will ask Jugnu to check for cctv footage of main door from his laptop. Meenakshi will scold Kuhu for not finding out Mishti’s secret. Kuhu will tell her plan of searching their room in their absence. Meanwhile Jugnu will look at the footage as per Abir’s instruction. He will see a shadow of a man approaching letter box but he will hear footsteps and by accident delete the file. He will hide quickly.

Kuhu will search the laptop and see the mail where someone has sent some numbers from morgue. Kuhu will click a picture of list and leave. Mishti will make a cake in the memory of Varun’s big brother. She will panic suddenly and run inside a room. She will tell Abir that Varun is wearing the same watch the guy wore which got cracked. She will go to freshen up and Abir will be shocked to see a photo of Varun and brother and realise the molester was his brother.

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