In Star Plus musical show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala new twist to bring storm in Kulfi’s life with Kulfi losing her singing ability.

As seen in the episodes Kulfi and Amyra both are having face-off on the same singing platform. Amyra and Kulfi both performed for the classical round and it was the tie between them. There Mia got to know that Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter yet came up with another plan to make her show hit. She made an announcement for the next round saying it will be the duet performance between the contestants and computer will decide the pairing.

This came as a shocker for both Kulfi and Amyra because they both want to sing with each other. But Mia did exactly the same and paired Amyra and Kulfi for the duet round. Amyra got restless and started screaming that she doesn’t want to sing along with Kulfi, as she is a DADA DAKU. Sikander and Lovely calm her down and made her understand that if she has to fulfill her dream then she should focus on her singing. Here Kulfi too doesn’t wants to perform with Amyra but her friends made her understand that this competition is very important for her and for them too.

Now in the upcoming episodes will see Amyra will ask Lovely to once again to something so that Kulfi leave from their life’s. As we know Lovely can’t see Amyra in trouble and she can go to extreme for her happiness sake. It will be interesting to watch what lovely will do next but the new promo of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is hinting the future track.

In the new promo of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, it is shown that Kulfi will be all set to give her performance and no sooner she will hold the mike, she will fall down because of the shock. Sikander and her friends will motivate her to sing but it seems Kulfi will lose her gifted ability. So, what do you think DO Kulfi won’t be able to sing anymore or she will pass this test too like always? Leave Comment.

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